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May 3, 2004 Observer Newsletter: PRIDE: Total Elimination, WWE business


 looked like a fluke, but it was really a carefully crafted plan from a man whose career has been dominated by a label of having great athletic talent but no strategy.

Kevin Randleman has been an athlete who has stood out in everything he’s ever tried. He was a two-time NCAA wrestling champion in college at Ohio State, and probably would have been a three-time champ and potential Olympian had he not dropped out of school and wrestling prior to his senior year. He was a college contemporary of Kurt Angle, and at the time, considered the better wrestler of the two. He got into the fighting game at the age of 25, and despite being undersized, held the UFC heavyweight title. As a pro wrestler, few men in history have shown as much athletic ability, charisma and potential so early in their careers.

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