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May 5, 2003 Observer Newsletter: WWE style change, Backlash review, more


Vince McMahon held a meeting with almost all of the talent before the Backlash PPV, to emphasize what the agents and Jim Ross have been urging talent, which is a change in the style to a more mat-based, psychology oriented product.

The results are going to be more growing pains, or actually, non-growing educational pains. It is far easier to appeal to the audience with a high-flying and faster-paced product, particularly the young male demo the company covets. Switching styles is even more dangerous because the 80s wrestling audience that understands the style they are trying to implement has largely been run off. The newest audience was weaned on dangerous spots. And with the company’s economic indicators all falling, this would seem like the worst time possible for such a change. But it is largely necessary. The daredevil style of the last five years has left a legacy of both huge profits, and of crippled bodies.

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