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November 1, 1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Mick Foley's autobiography becomes best seller, WCW Halloween Havoc review, more


The autobiography of Mankind wasn't supposed to be anything special. The idea was that Regan Books would take advantage of the WWF's popularity to mass market quickie autobiographies on the company three most popular wrestlers. Mankind barely made the cut, but they probably figured because his more than dozens...and dozens of fans were so loyal they'd probably buy a book, behind the expected big sellers, Steve Austin and Rock. The books would be autobiographies actually penned by long-time wrestling magazine writer Lou Sahadi, this one entitled "Have a Nice Day! A tale of blood and sweatsocks," and would take the tact that pro wrestling was real and reveal things like that Cactus Jack was still upset about how Robert Fuller turned on him in Memphis more than a decade ago and what his favorite food was.

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