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November 10, 2003 Observer Newsletter: Austin/Lita books reviewed, Teddy Hart ROH disaster


The WWE’s latest two autobiographical releases have been the book by Amy Dumas (Lita) and the heavily pushed “The Stone Cold Truth,” by Steve Austin.

WWE books have run the gamut, from the classic Mick Foley books and the entertaining Freddie Blassie release to the weak Rock, Fabulous Moolah and Chyna books. Like with much of wrestling, and that is the lesson in both of these books, timing is everything. When WWE first got its book deal, Austin was the biggest star and was asked to do a book, which was announced years ago. He didn’t want to at the time, and by delaying, he lost his shot at what would have been a sure national bestseller.

Now, with his career as an active wrestler basically over, he committed not only to the book, but to a national touring schedule to promote it.

I’d say both books are probably in the Kurt Angle category, in that they are good reads, but fall short of being must-reads.

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