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November 13, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWF not buying WCW, ECW November to Remember review, more


With the WCW crew enroute to Europe for a one-week tour, the questions about the future of the company remain.

With little substantial information available, much of the talk going around consists of rumors, but it is clear the two possibilities remain--the company will either be purchased by a group headed by Eric Bischoff, or have its expenses cut to as much bare bones as possible and remain part of Turner Broadcasting. While the rumors within the company were strong of the latter most of the week, that still seemed to be the least likely possibility based on those closer to the situation.

Based on an article in the online Broadcasting and Cable magazine, using Linda McMahon as the source, talks have broken down between the two companies. The WWF purchase, considered the most likely scenario just a few weeks ago, had strongly cooled in recent weeks. Vince McMahon, publicly, as late as 11/1, had talked about it as being something the company was looking into and it was still under consideration as late as the weekend. 

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