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November 13, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Chris Jericho makes surprise return to NJPW, GSP returns, more


In one of the bigger shocks of the year, after Kenny Omega retained the U.S. title beating Trent Baretta at the New Japan’s Power Struggle show on 11/5 in Osaka, and he and the Young Bucks were in the ring, Omega did a joking promo about how this is the part of the show where whoever challenges him comes out to introduce himself. Then Omega started speaking in Japanese, a language he knows fluently, which is one of the reasons the fans accept him as such a major star. Then he asked, in Japanese, for whoever is his next challenger to come out. Nobody did. He then ended the promo with his trademark line, pointing his hand like it’s a gun, saying, “I bid you adieu, goodbye and good night.”

At that point, the lights went out and a video played. 

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