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November 14, 2022 Observer Newsletter: WWE Crown Jewel, NJPW Battle Autumn



The story of WWE’s Crown Jewel show was the performance by Logan Paul, in his third match, put in a long main event with Roman Reigns for the Universal title.

While Paul lost, of course, when Wade Barrett said that this was the best third match wrestler he had ever seen, I was thinking the same way. Paul will never be a full-time pro wrestler even though he clearly loves it, but if he for whatever reason decided to be, he could be a world champion level guy in not all that long a period of time. He is comfortable talking, not the best yet but can get better. His athleticism and look is there. While Reigns was tremendous in making him look good before beating him, Paul did not look the slightest bit green. Granted, this was likely laid out and practiced heavily, there was not the hesitation or mechanical movement you get from someone inexperienced and the entire match went without any noticeable issues. It wasn’t just main event worthy on a show with a strong undercard, this was right up there with the best main roster matches of the year.

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