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November 16, 2020 Observer Newsletter: 2020 Observer Hall of Fame issue


The 2020 class of the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame features five new members, a Bulgarian sports icon, a 13-year world champion, Mexico’s first heavyweight legend, along with a 28-year top tier worker and “the best bout machine.”

Four members were voted in. Two came from Mexico, 1950s star Medico Asesino, who was a major wrestling television and movie star and later the top babyface in Texas as El Medico, and Karloff Lagarde, who had more time as an NWA world champion than any wrestler in history, and was also half of one of the most famous tag teams in Lucha Libre history, Los Rebeldes.

The other two came from Japan. Kenny Omega, the 2018 Wrestler of the Year who has had nine different career matches win major Match of the Year awards in various polls both in this publication as well as in other fan voted and media voted polls in the U.S. and Japan; joins Jun Akiyama, who was one of the best wrestlers in the world from very quickly after the start of his career in 1992 until more recent times.

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