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November 2, 2020 Observer Newsletter: WWE Q3 financials, more


ince McMahon expressed a sense of optimism with his two most recent hires, President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan and Chief Financial Officer Kristina Salen, when opening an earnings call on 10/29 talking about the most complex time in the company’s history.

The entire media landscape is filled with uncertainty. The biggest challenge is the changing role of television and the move to streaming content. While McMahon pushed the idea that more people than ever before are watching WWE, actual product popularity is still based on getting people interested in the product, whether that be from a big show perspective or regular viewing perspective.

Television ratings are down. In a sense, they are down less than many sports that returned to play of late, and more than others. They are down more than television in general. There are more ways to watch the content than ever before, but WWE’s revenue is more based on television, in decline both in priorities to the large conglomerates and in viewing.

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