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November 22, 1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWF Survivor Series review, Austin neck trouble, more


In an industry with no rules, regulations or morals, there is nothing that happened this week that was out of the ordinary. And that's sad.

The big story this week should have been that the biggest star in wrestling today, has his career in jeopardy due to finding out just how badly thrashed his neck is. But the assembly line churns further, and whether it's Steve Austin's career, despite what he's meant to the revitalization of the industry, or anyone else's, there is no time for reflection.

In fact, over the past few days, there has been far more talk about how the WWF handled the situation, trying to milk one last buy rate out of his name, and a parody that WCW did the next night on Jim Ross, and whether it was hilarious or tasteless, and obviously it was both, then on the potential of the career being in jeopardy of Austin. In fact, whatever discussion there is of Austin's injury is limited to the idea that maybe the WWF is vulnerable for the ratings gap closing if Austin's career is in jeopardy. As far as Austin's future if he can't wrestle, the belief is that the producers of "Nash Bridges" are still interested in doing a spin-off television series starring Steve Williams in the role of Jake Cage.

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