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November 22, 2004 Observer Newsletter: Survivor Series review, Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk, more


The Survivor Series, traditionally one of the company's "big four" events of the year, only accentuated all the reasons WWE is continuing to lose popularity.

Unlike last year, where the show started the build for several matches that culminated at Wrestlemania, this year's show ended with nothing interesting having been developed. The final scene of Randy Orton once again in triumph, having beaten HHH when they were the last two, was the obvious ending and the only ending that could have been done, given the idea of a HHH vs. Orton Wrestlemania main event. But people are hardly beating down the doors to see that match, and there is no other potential match that they would be. The problems talked about continued, with almost all the belts remaining on heels, meaning an unpleasant series of results to the most loyal fans who buy the house shows and PPV shows. Not that Booker T is the answer to anyone's prayers, but his match with JBL was a conceptual disaster. It was the same ref bump, outside interference, belt shot heel title win that they've been doing to death for the past year and people are long since tired of.

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