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November 25, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Survivor Series review, more


The WWE changed five championships, including the big two, and debuted the most expensive structure in wrestling history to headline the Survivor Series on 11/17 from New York’s Madison Square Garden.

On the positive side, it was a very entertaining stand alone show before a unique New York crowd that was very vociferous about what it liked. The bigggest pops were for the reuniting of the Dudleys, the debut of Scott Steiner, and the Raw title win by Shawn Michaels. It also, with booing, let the promotion know it didn’t like Edge all that much (the pretty boy thing), loved to boo Kurt Angle so much they were real mad when he was eliminated from the tag title elimination match, and thought more of Rob Van Dam than the promotion seems to. The effort was there in every match and while there was some sloppiness, there was nothing you would call a bad match.

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