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November 27, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Survivor Series review, Stan Hansen retires, more


The rapidly changing world of wrestling changed once again, as a Steve Austin vs. HHH main event at Survivor Series didn't end with a pinfall in the ring, but with a forklift dropping a car, purported to be with HHH inside, theoretically to a Wile E. Coyote like catastrophe (where the victim should be dead, but will, of course live to see another day).

The angle, largely to explain HHH taking some time off to rest his back and hip injuries, kept HHH's unusual streak alive of having done no pinfall jobs in singles matches on PPV to anyone other than the Rock since 1996 in a situation under normal circumstances one would have expected him to lose.

Overall, the 11/19 show at the Ice Palace in Tampa was something of a routine show. It was somewhat mixed received, largely with criticism of the ending of the main event, even though generally speaking everyone was impressed with the workrate involved.

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