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November 6, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Bret Hart retires, Halloween Havoc review, more


In one of the strangest endings to one of the strangest pro wrestling careers in history, Bret Hart officially announced his plans not only to retire, but to walk away completely, from a business often dubbed inside as the Hotel California, based on the line from an old 70s song.

"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."

Hart's career in the ring was almost surely over, due to a series of concussions suffered starting most likely on 12/19 from the famous kick by Bill Goldberg in the Starrcade WCW title match. There have been doctors that have surmised he actually had suffered a concussion in the ring before that match, which magnified the damaging effect of the kick on his brain. But in any event, his continuing to wrestle, and suffering more head trauma, particularly in one of his final career match, a hardcore match against Terry Funk, led to his suffering about ten percent brain damage, some of which may be permanent.

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