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November 7, 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Judge rules in favor of TNA, Hogan settles with Gawker


TNA's short-term issues as far as who will be in charge of the beleaguered franchise were settled on 10/31 when Nashville Chancery Court Judge Ellen Hobbs Lyle ruled against Billy Corgan's request to get an injunction against the company making any financial moves unless he was put in charge. Hobbs Lyle also threw out her temporary restraining order against the company, which would not allow them to sell any interest.

Essentially, this allows the money that Anthem Sports and Entertainment (The Fight Network) had agreed to put up to fund the company going forward to be part of a purchase. Corgan had attempted to hold up the purchase with the idea that, based on a contract he had that stated he would get Dixie Carter's voting shares if the company was insolvent, claiming it was, and thus should have been able to take over.

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