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November 8, 2004 Observer Newsletter: Panda Energy losing faith in TNA, PRIDE vs. K-1, more


When history looks back at what at this point is really just an expensive historical blip on wrestling's radar screen, the period from 11/7 to 11/11 will be a key turning point in TNA company history.

While everyone involved knew from the start this would be a long haul if there was to be success, there is genuine fear among those involved that Panda Energy, the money which kept the project alive in 2002 when it was about to go bankrupt, is losing patience. Those involved have noted you can see cutbacks behind-the-scenes being made, including the attempt this past week to stop paying the jobber crew (which would have only saved the company $600 per week), which was overturned in one day due to so much negative feedback the company got. There were also problems with reservations at the hotel this past week, as some people had their hotels changed without being told. There are other signs where people are starting to get worried.

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