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November 8, 2021 Observer Newsletter: WWE cuts 18 wrestlers, Jon Moxley enters inpatient alcohol treatment program


Right after a quarterly report that was nothing but optimistic about WWE financials for the future, where financial guidance for the year was increased due to the return to house shows which are now profitable and the recent Saudi Arabia show, World Wrestling Entertainment released 18 wrestlers.

The company announced for quarter three revenues of $255,853,000 and $43,486,000 in profits. The same quarter last year did $221,595,000 in revenue and $48,278,000 in profits.

The reason for the decline in profits is that during quarter three, Raw and Smackdown were still being taped at the Performance Center which saved a ton of money. Once the expenses for the Thunderdome play into the equation in the next quarter, things will look better in comparison with the prior year and there is literally nothing t worry about. In addition, the fourth quarter includes a Saudi Arabia show this year when there wasn’t one last year.

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