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October 1, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Disappointing WCW ratings, WWF Unforgiven reviewed, more


Whatever changes in the landscape temporarily that would result from the WWF going to a lower rated network appear to have been overstated.

It was thought that this would be the week for WCW to capitalize, as viewers, used to WWF on Monday nights, would switch to WCW when finding other programming on the USA Network. Even though, due to the court decision coming in late and Viacom not getting nearly the amount of publicity they had planned to hype the debut of Raw, the fact is WWF was able to push it all week on its own programming, there was still more advertising for Raw over the weekend mainstream then ever before, and the return of Steve Austin didn't hurt.

The result was a number well under what was the Raw average, but had to be considered a good sign overall since it was better than most had predicted for the first show on the new station without nearly the promotion they had originally planned for.

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