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October 1, 2001 Observer Newsletter: WWF Unforgiven review, more


The World Wrestling Federation's Unforgiven show on 9/23 in Pittsburgh was highlighted by Kurt Angle, in his home town, with a family celebration and wrestler party in the ring, capturing the WWF title from Steve Austin.

The show, largely well received because most of the matches were good, was different from the usual WWF PPV product. The crowd was flat for most of the show, making a lot of good matches come across as worse than they really were.  Even for the main event, which was awesome most of the way, the crowd enthusiasm waned as the match went on. Partially because of it, even with the perfect home town clean submission win, it didn't come across as good as their SummerSlam match.  It was a straight wrestling show, with clean finishes up-and-down including by heels. 

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