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October 11, 2004 Observer Newsletter: WWE No Mercy review, more


There has been a saying in WWE seemingly for generations, that goes something like this–how goes the Garden, goes business. Of course, times are very different from when Vince Sr. used to say that, because the Garden was the key profit center for the company. Now, because of its history, the company still considers it as its most important arena stop, but arena shows are far down on the list of where company profits come from.

Still, as much as this shouldn't be a surprise, the idea that the Meadowlands (Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, NJ) drew 10,000 paid for a PPV show and MSG drew an estimated 7,500 for a live Raw the next night is just the latest point hammered home about the loss of popularity. What is worse, our poll indications, which are usually fairly accurate, seem to show No Mercy on 10/3 from East Rutherford, will likely fall well below the recent "bottom level" of PPV shows of 220-235,000 buys. Our response level was down 21% from Judgment Day, which was the low point for this year.

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