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October 17, 2022 Observer Newsletter: Bray Wyatt returns at WWE Extreme Rules, Jon Moxley re-signs with AEW


The return of Bray Wyatt was the headline event at the 10/8 Extreme Rules PPV.

Windham Rotunda, 35, had last worked for WWE in a match with Randy Orton at the 2021 WrestleMania as The Fiend, a heel character with super powers that also did big merchandise numbers. At the time he was one of the company’s four highest paid wrestlers along with Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton. But after being given time off, he was fired on July 31, 2021. Shortly after that time, he teased returning using the name Wyndham. There was interest from AEW, AAA and Impact, but none came to fruition, in at least two if not all of the cases because the sides were far apart on money. He then changed his social media name to Wyatt6, and was in serious talks about returning to WWE, and the new deal was struck.

Wyatt6 apparently refers to a group that he will lead, that includes renditions of his different Firefly Fun House characters. His return was teased with codes on television, including leading to a huge rating for the 9/23 Smackdown show when people thought he was returning. They also did teases at every arena show and during commercial breaks for the live audience at television shows. After the 9/23 tease amounted to nothing but a very brief code, the next teases were for the 10/8 show including clips of ECW to signify Extreme. All the teases led to his character and it was an attempt in its own way to do what AEW did with C.M. Punk, which basically tell you he’s returning without outright telling you or advertising it. Because it worked with Punk, both in selling out the United Center, and doing by far the largest ratings that Rampage will ever do, it will be copied over-and-over going forward. Although it will only work with a very popular character.

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