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October 23, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: The fates of WCW and ECW


It's come down to the finish line in the story of how the wrestling industry is going to shake down.

Exactly what the future of World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling will end up being is up in the air, and it has never been a more harrowing time to be a full-time pro wrestler in the United States.

Most believe the two most likely companies that will wind up owning WCW before the next few weeks are up are either the World Wrestling Federation, or a company put together by Eric Bischoff. Many sources close to the situation seem to peg the WWF deal as being far more likely since at press time it appeared the Bischoff group had taken itself out of the running. The belief is that the WWF would run WCW as a separate company building up to a promotion vs. promotion feud, which wouldn't occur right away, but with both groups under t

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