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October 25, 2021 Observer Newsletter: AEW vs. WWE head-to-head results, Crown Jewel review


The first true head-to-head WWE vs. AEW television showdown on a somewhat even playing field took place on 10/15.

This is what I expected:

1) WWE would win big with total viewers due to their huge advantage over the age of 50. That audience is set in its ways and not going to change and now is both the bulk of television viewers and one that advertisers and television ratings charts don’t care about much.

2) It would be competitive in 18-49. I’ve said all along that if you compared what Dynamite does on cable with what Smackdown does on FOX, and the usual gains in both sports and entertainment programs when you compare them on network to cable, Dynamite in the FOX slot would do far fewer viewers than Smackdown but win in 18-49 more often than not. Generally, I’d say AEW would win with males, and WWE would win with females.

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