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October 26, 2020 Observer Newsletter: Ibushi wins NJPW G1 Climax 30


Kota Ibushi pinned Sanada in the longest match in G-1 Climax history to win the most unique version of the tournament there will probably ever be.

All things considered, in every way but financially, the tournament has to be considered a big success. The story telling, particularly at the end, was some of the best in history. The match quality in the A block was excellent, but the B block was not nearly as strong.

The decline in match quality from prior years was unavoidable with the smaller crowds and not being able to cheer or boo. However, the A block was so strong that it ended up being the second best block in G-1 history, behind only last year’s A block.

The paid attendance of 2,928 on 10/18 at Sumo Hall in Tokyo, capped off at 30 percent, was the lowest in the history by a wide margin, but that couldn’t be helped.

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