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October 28, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Katie Vick, No Mercy review, more


In a blatant attempt to create controversy and further enhance the character of Raw’s chief antagonist, Triple H, last night’s Monday Night Raw on TNN (rated TV-14 LVD) presented an alleged act of necrophilia.

Triple H, poorly disguised as his chief adversary Kane, presented a skit in a funeral home using a mannequin that simulated the body of Kane’s former girlfriend, Katie Vick.

WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn, stated that numerous warnings to WWE viewers about sensitive subject matter did air prior to the segment. “While the subject matter is sensitive, on balance this was an attempt at dark humor capitalizing on the popularity of programs such as CSI, Six Feet Under and X-Files,” said Dunn.

That’s this week’s lesson in carny for:

Because we are so out of touch with our audience, we actually thought because we laughed like crazy at portraying an act of necrophilia, that our audience would also.

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