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October 29, 2001 Observer Newsletter: No Mercy review, Alliance vs. WWF set, more


In one of the strangest moments ever on wrestling television, almost like the moment you're watching something crumble right before your eyes, just as Vince and Linda McMahon teased making out inside the ring in front of nearly 10,000 fans in Kansas City and were interrupted, a challenge was made and accepted.

For 11/18 at Survivor Series, what should be the biggest money match with the highest stipulations in the history of wrestling, but will come nowhere close to that level. A match with WWF vs. The Alliance, with the losing promotion having to disband. On Smackdown the next night, those draconian stipulations seemed to be amended more along the lines that the losing McMahons and their company would be under the control of the winning McMahons. If the feud was done correctly, the idea that a company would fold as a stipulation, if people still believed in stipulations, would do numbers that would make Rock vs. Austin green with envy. 

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