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October 7, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Keiji Muto becomes AJPW President, more


There is more than just symbolism in the departure of Motoko Baba from the official hierarchy of All Japan Pro Wrestling, as was made official at the company's 30th Anniversary Party on 9/30 in Tokyo.

It marks the end of the Giant Baba era of All Japan and the beginning of the company's foray into what some would call the modern entertainment world.

More so than the party, that was evident later that night when the company's new television show, called W-1 (Wrestle-1), aired. The show was patterned after a television K-1 hype show, airing at 1:40 a.m. on the Fuji network. As mentioned here last week, those expecting a weekly pro wrestling show with matches saw something different. Instead, it was new company President Keiji Muto with K-1 President Kazuyoshi Ishii in a discussion about modernizing the company.

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