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October 7, 2019 Observer Newsletter: First battle in the Wednesday Night War


The Wednesday night wars began with two very strong but contrasting shows.

Perhaps the surprise, and perhaps not, is that it was the AEW show that felt more like the WWE and it was the NXT show that felt more like a strong territorial show with very good wrestling, a hot crowd, but an overall minor league feel.

If you’re looking for a time, it was 72 minutes before my first text from someone in WWE that, “We’ve got to get out of this building.”

AEW had more emotion and momentum. Going in, you knew that the difference between 14,129 attendance (11,500 paid, and there were empty seats because scalpers bought so many tickets and couldn’t unload them at the end) at the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC, and 400 equally enthusiastic fans at Full Sail University would give one side the edge. But the production difference was staggering. If you were flipping back-and-forth, one side looked more major league and for the most part, felt like it had bigger stars.

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