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September 1, 2003 Observer Newsletter: SummerSlam review


While SummerSlam is generally talked about as WWE’s No. 2 event of the year, behind only Wrestlemania, this year is probably going to be the exception.

If SummerSlam on 8/24 in Phoenix turns out to better than the No. 4 event of this year for business and interest, I think everyone will be celebrating, because that would mean 450,000 buys. As a show, it got mixed reviews, but that would be largely due to the last two minutes of the show. After finally making Bill Goldberg the monster that people wanted him to be, the company had HHH, who should not have been in the ring, pin him to end the show. The logic behind it was that it would lead to more interest in HHH vs. Goldberg when they finally do their singles match on 9/21 in Hershey, PA, at the Unforgiven PPV, where, as things are scheduled right now, and based on the booking that has already transpired they’ve pretty well backed themselves into the corner on this finish, HHH will finally drop the title. Of course, that was also how they were scheduled for June, and again for SummerSlam before HHH suffered a partially torn groin which made the idea of him doing a real match out of the question.

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