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September 10, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: All In reviewed, HBK return, more


The biggest question coming out of All In on 9/1 in Chicago is the same question as going in. What does this all mean?

The event has to be considered an overall huge success, with the immediate sellout, a convention, a first hour broadcast on national cable and a PPV deal.

As far as business numbers go, the total attendance at the show was 11,263 (and a few days after the show they had already released an 11,263 T-shirt), which was, with the set up, was the fire department maximum they could put in. That figure is a combination of the 10,541 tickets sold in the first 30 minutes they were put on sale back in May, any late production seats that were opened up, and people in the suites. The suites were packed and it was 100 percent utilization of the building, which is rare even for what can be legitimately called a sold out show.

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