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September 16, 2002 Observer Newsletter: HLA and the wedding of Billy and Chuck


It was one of those moments that if you were watching wrestling and you had anyone in the room watching with you, you likely wanted to bury your head in a hole. I know I did.

It wasn't a surprise, or even a shock, as pro wrestling has always been a business where scraping every last dime came before more than a smidgen of class. Raw was coming off two bad shows in a row and its rating bottomed out the previous week. It was facing competition from the season opener of Monday Night Football, a show that has traditionally cost Raw several tenths of rating points. And the loss of ratings was noted in virtually every mainstream discussion of pro wrestling. Moreover, the Raw roster has no depth. And they had no matches or angles that were going to draw. There were no easy answers.

At the same time, the company was thinking it had pulled a p.r. coup with the Billy & Chuck wedding, which never happened, and turned into a traditional wrestling angle.

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