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September 17, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: The story of Dave Meltzer, more


It was nearly 30 years ago when I wrote an issue about myself. Some people point that out as their favorite issue of the Observer. I've always thought it was the worst issue I ever did. And I vowed that I would never do it again.

It was a lesson that no matter how people try to frame things. I’m not the story. There are people, some jealous, some outright frauds, who may try and make me the story, and when I see it, the transparency is obvious.

I'm a guy who covers the news, analyzes it, gives opinions on it, and more, tries to figure out where it all leads. I've been writing about wrestling since 1971, and consistently doing this newsletter since the start of 1983.

People can discuss my opinions on stories, but the surest sign of con men in this business, or any business, is when they try to divert the story by making a very real and very ethical reporter who is chronicling history as it is as the story.

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