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September 18, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Vince McMahon returns to TV, Mae Young Classic finals, more


Vince McMahon returned to WWE television in a new role, for the first time allowing himself to be portrayed as an old man.

McMahon, 72, noticeably smaller than in the past, took a head-butt from Kevin Owens, bled badly which was not only very much planned, but emphasized in the shooting of the angle. He got up, woozy, trying to feebly fight back, was decked, kicked in the ribs, superkicked and splashed off the top rope and crawled out of the ring. The angle was a set up for the Shane McMahon vs. Owens Hell in a Cell match that will be the most promoted match on the 10/8 PPV from Detroit.

McMahon, who has heavily pushed the idea that blood isn’t allowed to be shown on television, had the cameras zoomed in on his split forehead with blood gushing. Because it’s rarely done, it was more effective than in a promotion where people see blood all the time.

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