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September 19, 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: CM Punk loses UFC debut, TJ Perkins wins Cruiserweight Classic, Backlash review, tons more

091416 tj perkins.jpg

The two-year odyssey, odd being the key part of the word, of C.M. Punk to the UFC octagon saw the door shut and the clock strike midnight, not Eastern time, but Cinderella time.

In the end it was simple reality. Starting out at 36 with very limited training past some Jiu Jitsu classes from Rener Gracie, no great athletic gifts and a body beaten up by 15 years of pro wrestling was not going to be able to train for two years and be able to compete in the UFC.

Punk was taken right down by opponent Mickey Gall when he got aggressive trying to strike. Gall started landing hard punches as Punk’s ground defense was very limited against a far more experienced ground fighter. Gall went for a guillotine, but Punk escaped that. Gall got his back and went for a choke, gave it up and started landing a lot of punches. The second time he went for a choke, Punk escaped. The third time, Punk was submitted in 2:14.

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