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September 2, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Summerslam review, Hall of Fame class, more


It's almost hard to fathom that the WWE of most of this year is the same company of the past few weeks. Well, I guess the day after SummerSlam watching Raw it wasn't as hard.

SummerSlam '02 on 8/25 at the Nassau Coliseum will go down as one of the best received PPVs in company history and the night of anointing Brock Lesnar as the company's new superstar.

Of course, that decision was made months ago, and was rocky at first. Lesnar's early push was reminiscent of sputtering pushes given to others that some people in the company were behind, and others were railroadi His win at King of the Ring came across far more impressive for the majority of fans who skipped that PPV and only heard about it on television. ng. Instead of being a monster, he was portrayed as a guy who needed manager interference to save him from being pinned by mid-carders like Bubba Ray Dudley and the Hardys.

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