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September 2, 2019 Observer Newsletter: Changes in the wrestling landscape in the coming weeks, more


The wrestling landscape in the U.S. changes greatly over the next few weeks with a lot of key questions needing to be answered.

1) How will NXT do as a two-hour weekly live show, and how much will it increase the drawing power and marketability of the brand as well as what kind of ratings will it get?

2) How will the television change by going to two hours and having pressure to draw ratings?

3) How will it affect AEW getting off the ground on TNT as a television property?

4) Will adding two more hours per week lead to a burnout and a decline of Raw and/or Smackdown numbers on Monday and Friday?

5) If that is the case, how does FOX react to Smackdown numbers or do they, in the case of a decline, not believe the added hours are a factor? What happens to FOX ratings after football season and the newness wears off?

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