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September 23, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Controversy after Billy and Chuck, HLA segments, more


Howard Stern used to say lesbians equal ratings. Eric Bischoff has said numerous times than controversy equals ratings. Or, as he actually said as part of Raw that he was an actor on in the role of providing such entertainment, that controversy equals cash.

And that was true in 1998.

For some reason, early last week, as the WWE got actually some positive mainstream press as being a progressive organization in its treatment of the subject of homosexuality. The company was given credit and Stephanie McMahon as head writer was all too happy to take credit for claiming a television breakthrough in doing a same sex marriage. Many stories claimed, unlike in the past, these gay characters didn't lose all their matches, you know, like Gorgeous George lost more often than Billy & Chuck and George was actually mentioned in just about every story.

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