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September 3, 2018 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: All In preview, more


All In, the most uniquely successful independent pro wrestling event in modern U.S. history, will either be the beginning of a new era for wrestling in the U.S., or will be looked back on as the end and climax of a unique run.

Cody Runnels and The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Massie, had decided in 2017, actually before the tweet exchange that became the public part of the story to promote a major event of their own. The tweet did make actually going through with it an idea that they at that point had more impetus to follow up on rather than just talk about. Runnels’ sister came up with the name “All In,” and plans were put in place.

There were three ideas for venues, one being the Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario, CA, which is near where the Young Bucks live; the other was the Cow Palace in San Francisco, ironically for a July date that New Japan ended up taking, because it was inexpensive to rent for a building of that size and was a legendary arena that Cody had drawn one of the bigger independent crowds in recent years at as the headliner for a cage match with Joey Ryan promoted by All Pro Wrestling.

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