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September 30, 1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WCW facing an uphill battle, ECW Anarchy Rulz review, more


Whomever winds up in charge of WCW is facing an uphill battle. Largely, of trying to get a snowball gathering momentum as it has picked up speed for more than a year rolling down a hill, to reverse its position and almost magically roll upwards.

To understand that analogy is to understand just how deep the problems are. This is not just a situation where a business had a great year, set an expense budget based on that year, and suddenly business was way down and the budget is starting to bleed red ink. This is an entertainment business that is hot as hell when it's the in thing, and when it isn't....well, it can survive at a certain level, but since expenses are way above that level, short-term, things don't look good. And if things continue unchanged in the same basic direction without improvements, six months from now, they won't be able to give those tickets away. More important, it is one thing for wrestling go down because the peak has hit, for overexposure reasons, etc. 

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