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September 4, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Fantastic WWE Summerslam reviewed, big ECW weekend, more


As the bar raises once again, the question becomes when does the bar hit the breaking point.

SummerSlam was a spectacular show, with a great main event storyline going in, and even with a little tweaking of the main event itself due to Kurt Angle's injury, a strong storyline paid off at the end while leaving the viewers still wanting more. But the match that stole the show was the tables, ladders and chairs match with Christian & Edge, The Dudleys and the Hardys.

There were numerous spectacular bumps from the top of the ladders, both in the ring, and over the top rope through tables. Although everyone involved was probably plenty sore the next morning, nobody was seriously hurt. Earlier in the show, Shane McMahon did a spectacular looking stunt bump, falling backwards some 30 feet into what was apparently a very safe crash bad in a garbage bin. It's already a given that not just independent wrestlers, who imitate what they see in the big-time, but kids in their backyard, are going to imitate what the WWF does.

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