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Samoa Joe attacked by Karrion Kross on WWE NXT

Samoa Joe was attacked following tonight’s NXT main event by Karrion Kross.

Kross successfully defended the NXT title against Johnny Gargano in the main event of tonight’s show. Kross mouthed off at Joe after Joe gave him the title back. When Joe turned his back away from Kross, he responded by grabbing him in a choke hold, sending both to the floor. Joe passed out as Kross stood tall to end the program.

Joe returned to NXT on June 15 after Kross suggested that William Regal announce his retirement while Regal was giving a promo announcing a new change on NXT. Joe came out instead. Regal proposed giving Joe the role of GM, but Joe refused, instead suggesting he become an enforcer due to all the brawls taking place on NXT programming. Regal accepted, saying that while Joe can break things up, he can’t attack anyone unless physically provoked.

Originally released by WWE on April 15, Joe has since been re-signed to NXT. He has been out of action since February of 2020 due to a concussion suffered during a commercial shoot.