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Solo Sikoa vignette airs during WWE NXT

A vignette for Solo Sikoa aired on tonight’s episode of NXT.

Prior to the main event of tonight's show, a vignette featuring Sikoa aired. He said he was left on his own since he was young and that is why he is called Solo, saying he was the street champion of the island. Sikoa was listed as “coming soon”, with no specific debut date.

Sikoa, real name Sefa Fatu, is the son of Rikishi and brother to both Jimmy and Jey Uso, who are the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and cousin of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. WWE announced his signing back in August. He has competed for his father’s Knox Pro Wrestling promotion as well as Future Stars of Wrestling and Game Changer Wrestling. 

Since undergoing a facelift last month with a brand new stage and more colorful look, NXT has been introducing new talent on television. On tonight’s NXT, another vignette aired for a mystery person cloaked in a hood, burying something with a shovel. They said that they would bury the past so they could start again, with the date for Halloween Havoc, October 26, being shown.