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NXT UK results: Gallus vs. Mastiff, Seven & Webster

nxt uk 3 19 2020

Taped at Coventry Skydome in Coventry, England on March 6, 2020

 Quick results:

  • Kay Lee Ray beat Dani Luna in a quick match, then got run off by Piper Niven when she kept attacking Luna 
  • Finn Bálor faced off with Tyler Bate backstage 
  • Bate will be in a 20-men battle royal in two weeks for a shot at WALTER's NXT UK title
  • Ridge Holland beat Joseph Conners in a competitive match
  • Mark Andrews was attacked backstage, taking him out of the main event
  • Kassius Ohno beat Kenny Williams
  • A-Kid and Noam Dar will meet next week
  • Gallus beat Dave Mastiff, Flash Morgan Webster and substitute partner Trent Seven

Full rundown:

The show opened with a recap video of Finn Bálor calling out WALTER and pinning Alexander Wolfe last week.


WWE NXT UK Title Match: Kay Lee Ray (c) pinned Dani Luna after the Gory Bomb (02:36)

Luna used her power advantage and hit multiple waist lock takedowns and dazed KLR, then managed a roll-up for a two count.

The champion came back and applied a sitting abdominal stretch, then landed a near fall of her own.

Luna came back with a deadlift back suplex off a missed dropkick by KLR for another two count.

KLR then capitalized on a mistake by Dani and hit the Gory Bomb for the quick win.

After the match, KLR kept attacking Luna and went for another Gory Bomb but Piper Niven ran out to make the save sending KLR packing.


In a WWE.com exclusive video from after last week, Finn Bálor was shown walking through the backstage area with everyone staring at him, including Johnny Saint and Sid Scala.

He came upon Tyler Bate and they stared each other down. Bate then went to Saint and Scala and asked for an opportunity to "knock Bálor down a peg." 

They told him that opportunity might come eventually, but he would be in a 20-men battle royal in two weeks for a chance to compete for the NXT UK championship at NXT UK TakeOver: Dublin.


Nina Samuels talked about facing Aoife Valkyrie next week


Ridge Holland pinned Joseph Conners after Northern Grit (7:45)

They locked up and Holland got the easy advantage. Conners tried some evasion tactics, but got ran over by the massive Holland repeatedly. Holland hit a tilt-a-whirl slam, then rained down forearms on Conners.

Holland stumbled to ringside and got hit with a dive by Conners, who followed with a forearm from the top back inside the ring. Conners worked over Holland's leg, as Holland tore his quad during his rugby career. Conners pulled him into the ropes from the apron, then kept attacking the leg further.

Conners went for Don't Look Down but got blocked, then pulled of a small package but Holland escaped. He went for Northern Grit, but also got thwarted. Conners rammed Holland's leg into the ring post repeatedly.

Holland finally came back with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex when he caught Conners off the top rope, then followed up with a second one.

Holland hit a head butt and a lariat, then pounced Conners halfway across the ring, before collapsing and grabbing his leg. Holland got Conners from ringside, but Conners escaped to the apron on the other side, then launched himself over the top for an STO.

Holland then finally got Conners up for Northern Grit. After some struggling, Holland hit the move for the win.


Mark Andrews was down backstage grabbing his leg, seemingly after an attack. Mastiff and Flash Morgan Webster were there to tend to him when Gallus walked up and said they had nothing to do with it.


A video package on Ilja Dragunov aired.


Kassius Ohno beat Kenny Williams when the referee stopped the match as Ohno had Williams in the Kassius Clutch (6:58)

Ohno quickly got Williams down on the mat, but Williams escaped and turned the tables on Ohno.

They worked over each other's arms. Williams rolled Ohno up for a two count, then hit some tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Ohno caught him off a body press, but got covered with a crucifix for another near fall.

Ohno pulled Williams off the top rope and worked over Williams' fingers. Williams came back with some innovative offense, including two dives through the ropes. He hit a double-jump back elbow to the outside, then followed with a dropkick back inside.

Ohno then caught Williams off an attempted wheelbarrow roll-up, hit the rolling elbow to the back of the head, then locked in the Kassius Clutch for the referee stoppage.


A-Kid was being interviewed backstage when Noam Dar interrupted him and told him his time was over. A-Kid spoke to him in Spanish and Dar replied in French. He told him that he was just "A Kid," but that Dar was "A Legend."

A-Kid then challenged Dar for a match next week.


A video recapped Jordan Devlin winning the Cruiserweight title at Worlds Collide and his history with Travis Banks. They will meet next week.


Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) beat Dave Mastiff, Flash Morgan Webster & Trent Seven when Joe Coffey pinned Webster after All the Best for the Bells (9:27)

Seven replaced the injured Mark Andrews.

Seven and Wolfgang started. Wolfgang had the brief advantage before Seven wiped him out with a crossbody and high-angle arm drag. After some quick tags, Gallus singled out Webster as their target of choice and worked him over.  

Webster eventually tagged out to Mastiff who ran wild. Webster tagged back in and hit a 450 off the top.

Webster looked to hit poison rana on Joe Coffey but got caught and was put away by the powerslam/kick combo by Mark and Wolfgang, followed by All the Best for the Bells for the win.


Next week:

Jordan Devlin will defend the NXT Cruiserweight title against Travis Banks. Nina Samuels wrestles Aoife Valkyrie and A-Kid faces Noam Dar.