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NXT UK results: Imperium vs. Gallus & Ilja Dragunov

Taped at Bonus Arena in Hull, England on November 15, 2019

Quick results --

  • Piper Niven defeated Jinny, then called out NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray. KLR came out and the two women got into it, with Toni Storm making her surprise return and also attacking KLR. Niven and Storm then stared each other down.
  • After more than eight and a half months away from the NXT UK ring, Eddie Dennis had his first match back on the brand after surgery. He beat Dreiss Gordon in a quick match and used Trent Seven's Seven Star Lariat, sending another message to the veteran.
  • Noam Dar defeated Ashton Smith in a very good match.
  • Imperium and Gallus/Ilja Dragunov battled to a double countout when chaos ensued. Joe Coffey got the better of WALTER, and WALTER and Dragunov also were in with each other briefly.

Full rundown --

The show opened with a video summary of the brewing problems between Imperium and Gallus & Ilja Dragunov. An eight-man tag match between those two teams will be tonight's main event.

Piper Niven pinned Jinny (w/ Jazzy Gabert) after a Michinoku Driver (7:28)

Gabert tried distracting Niven, but she wouldn't fall for it and slammed Jinny instead. Gabert distracted her again as she ran the ropes. This time, Jinny managed to attack Niven from behind. Niven ran into the turnbuckle, then was hit by Jinny and swept off her feet.

Jinny launched herself over the top rope on Niven for a near fall, then followed with an Octopus hold. She eventually broke the hold, but kept stomping Niven. Gabert tried picking Niven up on the outside, but the referee caught her and sent her to the back.

Niven made her comeback and looked to hit the Michinoku Driver, but Jinny grabbed her hair and escaped. A headbutt by Niven knocked both women down. Jinny briefly attacked her, but got taken down with a backdrop driver. Niven charged her in the corner, but Jinny got her leg up, then went up top for a flying headscissors, but Niven caught her, hoisted her up on her shoulders, and hit an electric chair into a facebuster. Jinny got her leg up on the ropes.

Jinny ran in for a move, but Niven met her in mid-air with a shotgun dropkick. Niven then hit a cannonball senton into the corner and followed with the Michinoku Driver for the win.

After the match, Niven cut a promo and told Kay Lee Ray that she was coming for the NXT UK Women's Championship. This prompted KLR to come out and have a say in the matter. Instead, she slapped Niven, who retaliated in kind and hit a backdrop driver.

As KLR rolled to ringside, the returning Toni Storm flew in and attacked her until KLR escaped through the crowd. Storm and Niven then stared at each other from across the ring and Storm left.

- A video plugged the upcoming NXT UK tapings.

- Ilja Dragunov was seen preparing for the main event.

Eddie Dennis pinned Dreiss Gordon after the Next Stop Driver (4:06)

Dreiss Gordon, who usually goes by Man Like DeReiss, has been around the UK scene for a few years, wrestling for Defiant, Kamikaze Pro, Tidal Wrestling, and others. Nigel McGuinness also stated he had learned from Trent Seven and Ligero recently.

Eddie Dennis made his comeback here, after having surgery on his pectoral muscle back in April. His last match on the NXT UK brand was on February 22. 

Dennis applied a wrist lock and took Dreiss down. Dreiss eventually escaped and reversed the hold, but quickly found himself locked in a cravat. Dreiss used his quickness to avoid Dennis, then hit a dropkick and a reverse elbow. Dennis caught him in a catapult and sent him over the top rope.

Dennis kept pounding on Dreiss and struck down any comeback attempts. He then hit a variant of Trent Seven's Seven Star lariat on Dreiss, followed with the Severn Bridge, and finally hit the Next Stop Driver for the win. 

- Radzi Chinyanganya was backstage when Joseph Conners walked up to him. Conners called himself TakeOver worthy and said he would talk to Johnny Saint and give Travis Banks and Ligero a triple threat match.

Noam Dar pinned Ashton Smith after the Nova Roller (7:50)

A video recapped the issues between Dar and Smith from last week.

They traded offense early and Smith took Dar down from a waist lock. Dar went for a sunset flip, but Smith pulled him up from the mat and hit a dropkick, sending Dar to the outside. Back in the ring, Dar went for a shoulder block, but bounced off. He had a little more luck seconds later, but Smith impressively picked him up for a stalling vertical suplex and scored a near fall.

They ended up on the outside once more and Dar rammed Smith into the barrier. Smith came back and rolled Dar back into the ring, but Dar bounced off the bottom rope and hit a lariat, much to the delight of McGuinness, who saw shades of himself there.

Back in the ring, Smith went for a deadlift German suplex, but Dar turned it into an omoplata. Smith eventually escaped and came back with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.

Dar hit a running kick and went for the Nova Roller, but Smith countered with a Blue Thunder Bomb for another near fall. Dar sent Smith to the apron and managed to take him off his feet, then followed up with a basement dropkick through the ropes. Back in the ring, Dar eventually hit the Nova Roller for the victory.

- Imperium were shown walking to the ring backstage.

- A graphic plugged A-Kid vs. Jordan Devlin and a triple threat match with Joseph Conners, Ligero, and Travis Banks for next week.

Imperium (WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER, Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner & Alexander Wolfe) vs. Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) & Ilja Dragunov ended in a double countout (15:21)

Wolfe and Wolfgang started out. Wolfe schooled the big Scot, then tagged out to Aichner, who quickly locked in an armbar. Barthel tagged in and took over the hold, even as Wolfgang tried to whip his way out of it.

Wolfe was back in and dug his knuckles into Wolfgang's side. Wolfgang finally managed to tag out to Joe Coffey, who hit a backbreaker on Wolfe. Dragunov tagged in and applied an armbar on his former trainer. Wolfe caught Dragunov off a crossbody, but Dragunov punched him repeatedly to make the move still succeed.

Dragunov hit a running knee and worked Wolfe over, but Aichner managed to tag back in. Dragunov hit a running knee to the corner, a senton, and slapped WALTER on the apron. This prompted WALTER to enter the ring, as did Joe Coffey. All eight wrestlers eventually had a standoff.

The referee managed to get back control of the match, but Imperium distracted Dragunov and eventually isolated him on the outside, allowing Aichner to take control.

WALTER tagged in and it was the 2017 wXw 16 Carat Gold final all over again. He forced Dragunov into a bridge off a test of strength, then nonchalantly stomped his neck. Barthel tagged in next and faced off with Dragunov, eventually stomping, punching, and slapping him in the corner.

Aichner was in next. He caught Dragunov and hit two backbreakers, not allowing Dragunov to tag out. Barthel tagged back in and applied a chicken wing that he transitioned into a combined armbar and chinbar. Dragunov came back with a back fist and a clothesline, as both men struggled to make tags. Barthel succeeded and Wolfe came in. Wolfe attacked Gallus on the apron, but got caught in a suplex.

Dragunov finally tagged in Mark Coffey, who ran wild on Aichner, Barthel, and Wolfe. He tagged out to Wolfgang and they double teamed Aichner and Barthel. Mark slingshotted Barthel into a fireman's carry by Joe, followed by a senton by Wolfgang. Barthel and Aichner took out Mark with a spinebuster/running kick combo, but Wolfgang took them out with a double spear, followed by a Torpedo Moscow by Dragunov on Barthel.

Eventually, Joe Coffey and WALTER were in, with Joe even managing to hit a belly-to-belly suplex on the champion. WALTER side stepped a springboard move by Joe and hit a shotgun dropkick. He went for the powerbomb, but Joe powered out and sent WALTER to the outside.

Dragunov flew in, then Gallus threw Mark onto Barthel and Aichner and chaos broke out. Both teams brawled on the outside until the bell rang for the double countout. The two factions battled each other and Joe Coffey flew at WALTER as officials ran out and tried to get ahold of the chaos.

Next week --

A-Kid will take on Jordan Devlin, while Joseph Conners, Ligero, and Travis Banks are scheduled for a triple threat match.