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NXT UK results: Kay Lee Ray vs. Piper Niven Women's title match

Quick results --

  • WALTER defeated Saxon Huxley in a hard-hitting affair. Huxley got a lot of offense in, but in the end he was no match for the NXT UK Champion.
  • The first round matches for the Heritage Cup were drawn. After Noam Dar was disrespectful, Pete Dunne got into it with him.
  • Pretty Deadly defeated The Hunt in a decent tag match.
  • Kay Lee Ray retained her NXT UK Women's Championship against Piper Niven. KLR injured her knee as she ran into the ring steps and Niven looked to capitalize on the injury -- only to fall victim to an exposed turnbuckle herself, causing her to get pinned.

Full rundown --

- The show opened with a tribute graphic for Joe "Road Warrior Animal" Laurinaitis.

- A quick video recapped last week's episode before taking a look at this week's lineup: Pete Dunne presides over the drawing of the Heritage Cup and Kay Lee Ray looks to defend her NXT UK Women's Championship against Piper Niven.

- We saw that Sid Scala was meeting with the seven announced participants for the Heritage Cup earlier today, telling them to behave and be respectful. Noam Dar kept playing on his phone, so Alexander Wolfe slapped it out of his hands.

Non-title match: NXT UK Champion WALTER pinned Saxon Huxley after a powerbomb (6:09)

Huxley looked to hit a big boot, but WALTER immediately went for the sleeper. Huxley came back but quickly was disposed of and sent over the top rope. WALTER refused to let Huxley re-enter the ring. Huxley picked up the ring steps and threatened to throw them in the ring, but the referee would have none of it. Huxley kicked WALTER in the head and hit a body slam, then followed with a clothesline off the top rope for a two count. He followed up with an elbow drop after which WALTER rolled to ringside, but Huxley followed with a Thesz Press on the outside.

Huxley went for another running boot, but WALTER moved and Huxley got caught on the ringside barrier and ate a chop for his defiance. Huxley sent WALTER into the chairs, but the champion came back with a running kick to Huxley's back. WALTER picked Huxley up and threw him back-first on the barrier, then hit a powerbomb to the edge of the apron. The referee started to count and Huxley made it back into the ring by the count of nine.

WALTER hit some chops, but Huxley answered with strikes of his own. WALTER locked in the sleeper, then as Huxley started to fade, hit a huge German suplex. WALTER then hit some more strikes and put Huxley on the top for a big butterfly superplex.

WALTER screamed at Huxley in German to get back on his feet, then struck him down again with a chop to the neck and followed with a powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

After the match, WALTER shouted at the camera in German, telling Dragunov that he destroyed Huxley tonight and would do the same to Dragunov.

- We saw a clip from the break with Huxley stumbling down some stairs, where he met Jack Starz. Starz told him he'd get him next time and Huxley pounded a locker and screamed "Next time!"

- A video ran down the rules of the Heritage Cup.

Heritage Cup Drawing

All seven announced participants, sans the mysterious wildcard entrant, were in the ring with Scala. After being introduced by Scala, Pete Dunne came out to his music with a microphone in hand. He said the Heritage Cup was for those who paved the way, like William Regal, Johnny Saint, and Rollerball Rocco. Dunne said he showed the world what British Wrestling was all about and now it was their turn. Scala started drawing the numbers and announced the matches:

  • Joseph Conners vs. Dave Mastiff
  • Wildcard entrant vs. Trent Seven
  • Flash Morgan Webster vs. A-Kid
  • Alexander Wolfe vs. Noam Dar

Before Wolfe vs. Dar was announced, Dar said there was no need to draw and got into Wolfe's face. Wolfe, in German, told Dar in no uncertain terms that he would kick his ass. Dar went for a cheap shot, but Dunne caught his hand, snapped his fingers, and threw him to ringside, protecting the integrity of the Heritage Cup.

- Piper Niven was backstage with a few babyface members of the NXT UK women's division, getting ready for her match later.

Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker) defeated The Hunt (Wild Boar & Primate) when Stoker rolled up Boar for the win (8:00)

Boar and Stoker started and Stoker flipped out of an arm drag attempt, but he got hit with another one right away. Primate tagged in and Stoker managed to tag out. Primate ran wild for a bit, hitting a back elbow and a slam before Boar tagged back in. Pretty Deadly distracted the referee, then used some cheap tactics to pull Boar into the rope, gaining the upper hand.

Boar hit a sit-down powerbomb on Stoker, but he quickly got cut off again and was isolated by the heels. Howley went for some submission attempts, but Boar grabbed his hair to escape. Boar rolled through on a reverse body press by Howley, but he was slammed to the mat once more. Boar finally hot-tagged Primate, who ran wild on both members of Pretty Deadly for a bit. After some brawling with all four men, Boar hit a flying headbutt on Stoker, who kicked out. Boar speared Howley through the ropes, allowing Stoker to roll-up Boar for the win.

After the match, Eddie Dennis turned up near the entrance and talked to Pretty Deadly. 

- Wild Boar & Primate went backstage during the break and encountered Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews, who tried cheering them up.

- Scala talked to Dunne and said that next week's match with Wolfe vs. Dar could get out of hand. Dunne offered to be the special guest referee and Scala made it official.

- A graphic also announced a triple threat match for next week. The participants weren't revealed, but the winner will become the wildcard entrant for the Heritage Cup tournament.

NXT UK Women's Championship match: Kay Lee Ray retained against Piper Niven after Niven missed a cannonball senton into an exposed turnbuckle (14:24)

They locked up and Niven threw KLR into the corner. The champ quickly fled to ringside to regroup. KLR kicked Niven in the stomach, then started working over her arm, locking in a standing double wristlock. Niven finally escaped and got on offense, throwing KLR across the ring. She followed up with a headbutt, then locked in a choke and a bodyscissors, but KLR escaped and started working Niven's leg.

Niven finally escaped and sent KLR to ringside. She followed KLR out and went to send her into the steps, but Niven got hit with a superkick instead, followed by a tornado DDT off the apron. KLR went for a running kick, but Niven moved and the champ smashed her knee into the steps. The referee held Niven back while he called for help and had people check on KLR's knee. Niven was livid at the idea of the match being ruled a no contest. Two referees looked to help KLR to the back and Niven told her she did not want to win the title this way.

KLR slapped Niven and told her she'd never win the title, then Niven hit her back and dragged her back into the ring. Niven went to lock in a half crab on KLR's injured knee, but KLR made the ropes. KLR came back with a superkick right on the point of Niven's chin. KLR then made it to the top rope and hit a somersault senton for a close near fall. KLR picked up Niven, who kicked her injured leg out from under her, then hit a senton for a two count of her own. Niven looked to pull KLR from the corner, but she held onto the turnbuckle and ripped it off, prompting the ref to fix it.

Niven locked in the half crab once more until KLR escaped. KLR went for the Gory Special but couldn't get Niven up and was hit with a Michinoku Driver. KLR got her feet on the ropes, then got her knees up on a Vader Bomb attempt by Niven. The referee pleaded with KLR to stop the match while she was in the corner, but Niven went for a running cannonball. KLR moved and Niven's back hit the exposed turnbuckle, allowing KLR to score the pin and retain her title.

After the match, Jinny came out and watched KLR celebrate as the show went off the air.

Next week --

The Heritage Cup kicks off with Pete Dunne serving as the special guest referee for a first round match between Alexander Wolfe and Noam Dar. A triple threat match with three mystery participants will decide the wildcard entrant for the Heritage Cup tournament.