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NXT UK results: Kay Lee Ray vs. Toni Storm I Quit match

Taped at York Barbican in York, England on January 18, 2020

Quick results --

  • The Grizzled Young Veterans beat The Hunt, after verbally berating them two weeks ago
  • Kassius Ohno submitted Jack Starz
  • Isla Dawn will face Aoife Valkyrie next week, while Travis Banks will also face Alexander Wolfe
  • A-Kid beat Brian Kendrick in a fun, fast-paced match
  • Dave Mastiff talked about facing WALTER next week
  • Kay Lee Ray defended her NXT UK Women's Championship in a brutal I Quit Match against Toni Storm, when she trapped her head and upper body in a steel chair and threatened to jump on it from the top rope

Full rundown --

The show opened with a video looking at the Toni Storm vs. Kay Lee Ray I Quit match, tonight's main event.

The Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) beat The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar) when Gibson pinned Primate after Ticket to Mayhem (9:50)

Two weeks ago, GYV talked trash about The Hunt, so they were out for revenge here.

The Hunt started out strong, taking turns at beating down Drake.Gibson tagged in and turned things around for GYV, before Drake tagged back in.

Drake jumped onto the post from the apron to soften the impact of Gibson getting whipped into the corner. Drake hit a big back breaker on Boar, then followed up with another double-team backbreaker on the outside.

Back in the ring, Gibson hit a hard slam on Boar, then locked in the sitting cobra clutch. Board eventually managed to escape and hot tag Primate, who ran wild for a bit.

He hit an exploder on Gibson, then hit numerous clothesline on both members of GYV in the corner before taking out Gibson with a spear. GYV briefly got the upper hand again, but Prime avoided a Doomsday Device, sent Gibson into the corner and hit another overhead suplex on Gibson.

After some more offense by GYV, The Hunt hit double German suplexes on both, then followed up with an assisted sit-down power bomb on Drake. Gibson thwarted another double team attack and pulled Boar out of the ring, prompting Primate to jump on Gibson on the outside.

GYV then came back with Ticket to Mayhem on Primate for the win.


A video on Ridge Holland aired, who will be in action next week.


Kassius Ohno submitted Jack Starz with the Kassius Clutch (5:02)

The back story here was that Ohno critiqued Starz working out at the UK Performance Center during the week.

Ohno worked over Starz's arm early on. Starz came back with an impressive suplex, showing off his strength.

Starz then rolled up Ohno for a two-count and briefly worked him over, hit a European uppercut off the turnbuckle and a butterfly suplex. Ohno came back with some offense of his own, then locked in the Kassius Clutch for the submission victory. 


Radzi interviewed Isla Dawn backstage, who talked about the strong NXT UK women's division. She talked about facing Aoife Valkyrie next week.


Travis Banks was at the NXT UK Performance Center and challenged Alexander Wolfe to a match next week.


A-Kid pinned The Brian Kendrick after a springboard backflip DDT (6:45)

An angle where Brian Kendrick picked on A-Kid set up this match.

A-Kid held his own early on, forcing the veteran to escape to the ropes. A-Kid went for an arm bar, then followed up with a drop kick, before Kendrick twisted his arm and jumped through the ropes, snapping A-Kids's head and neck on the ropes.

Kendrick worked over A-Kid's arm and neck, before throwing him neck-first into the turnbuckles. Kid came back with a dropkick that sent Kendrick to the outside, then followed up with a dive through the ropes. A-Kid then hit a moonsault off the ring steps on Kendrick, then followed up with a top-rope crossbody once back in the ring.

A-Kid hit a tilt-a-whirl arm bar, but Kendrick made the ropes and slid to ringside. Kid went for a springboard moonsault to the outside, but Kendrick hit the rope, causing A-Kid to slip. Kendrick hit a top-rope butterfly suplex, then went for the Captain's Hook, but A-Kid escaped.

A-Kid then hit a springboard backflip DDT for the win.


Dave Mastiff talked about facing WALTER for the NXT UK championship next week; he said he was nothing like WALTER, who he said stood for greed and want and said he needed this match.


WWE NXT UK Women's Title I Quit Match: Kay Lee Ray (c) made Toni Storm quit when she trapped her head in a chair and threatened to jump onto it from the top rope (12:50)

Storm and KLR immediately went at it, slugging it out before moving to the outside and brawling all around ringside. Toni got the upper hand, slamming KLR's head into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Storm hit a German suplex off the middle rope, then looked to go for Storm Zero, but KLR dropped to the mat. Toni immediately locked in an STF. KLR crawled towards the rope, but since there are no DQs, Toni just kicked to move in through the ropes, before letting go.

KLR came back with a Tornado DDT, then bent Toni's neck backwards over the middle rope, but Toni didn't quit. KLR went for the Gory Special, but Storm turned it into a kind of octopus stretch over the ropes. Toni got a table from under the ring and set it up at ringside.

KLR slammed Toni's head into the steps, then went for a superplex to the outside, but Toni blocked. Toni tried to hit a German through the table, but KLR managed to escape.

Toni then managed to hit a splash off the second turnbuckle through the table to the outside. Storm went for Storm Zero on the apron, but KLR escaped and threw Toni back in the ring.

Storm came back with an elbow, but KLR managed to pull her to the outside once more and hit a draping DDT off the apron to the floor. KLR got some tape from under the ring, then started tying Storm's arms behind her back. As Storm was defenseless, KLR started kicking her in the chest and head.

KLR got a chair and was looking to hit Storm in the head, but Storm hit a headbutt that sent the chair flying. KLR then set up the chair and pulled Toni's head between the seat and back of the chair, then hit a super kick.

KLR then drove the chair to the back of Toni's neck, before trapping Toni's upper body in the chair and kicking down on it.

Sid Scala and Johnny Saint came to ringside to protest KLR's action. KLR then actually jumped onto the chair from the second turnbuckle, as Piper Niven also walked out and was very concerned for her friend Toni.

KLR then went to the top rope and teased jumping onto the chair once more, forcing Storm to quit.

Niven and officials tended to Toni as the show went off the air. As a consequence of this result, Toni Storm won't be able to challenge for the NXT UK Women's Championship as long as KLR is the champion.

Next week --

Ridge Holland will be in action, while Isla Dawn faces Aoife Valkyrie. Also, Alexander Wolfe will meet with Travis Banks and his Imperium stablemate, WALTER will defend his NXT UK championship against Dave Mastiff.