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WWE NXT live results: Final build to Great American Bash

NXT's final build to the Great American Bash takes place tonight.

NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell will be putting their titles on the line at the Great American Bash next Tuesday. Tonight, Io Shirai & Zoey Stark, Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai, and Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon will face off in a triple threat match to determine their challengers.

An NXT Tag Team title match between MSK and Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher has been made official for the Great American Bash. The two teams will take part in a face-to-face segment tonight.

Mercedes Martinez will team with Jake Atlas tonight as they take on Tian Sha's Xia Li & Boa in a mixed tag team match. Cameron Grimes will also be in action tonight.

Plus, NXT will follow up on last week's debut of the Diamond Mine. Roderick Strong, Tyler Rust, and Hideki Suzuki are part of the faction and are being managed by Malcolm Bivens. Strong attacked NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida at the end of last week's show.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Io Shirai & Zoey Stark defeated Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai vs. Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon in a triple threat number one contender's tag team match

Shirai pinned Kai to win the match, earning Shiari and Stark a title shot at the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship against The Way at The Great American Bash.

One wrestler from each of the three teams in the ring at once, so three wrestlers were legal at a time. 

The match breaks down into a melee with everybody involved, leading to a parade a dives before a commercial break. All the babyfaces flew. Shirai with an Asai moonsault, Blackheart did a tope suicida, Moon off the middle rope with a somersault senton, and Stark springboarded into a flying cross body.

Gonzalez looked to be dominate after a commercial break, but Shirai and Blackheart fought back and tagged out. Stark, Moon and Kai traded near falls after tagging in. Stark and Shirai teamed up to target Kai. Shirai springboarded into a missile dropkick for another near fall. Blackheart broke up the pin with a senton. Blackheart & Moon with momentum on their side were in control.

Blackheart applied cattle mutilation on Kai, but Gonzalez was able to make a save. Babyfaces ganged up on Gonzalez. She was seemingly out out of the way for a tower of doom spot. Gonzalez jumped back in to break up the tower of doom. Gonzalez ragdolled and mowed down the babyfaces. Shirai was finally able to cut off Gonzalez.

Kai off the top rope with double foot stomp on Blackheart. Kai then turned around into a double knee strike from Shirai. Kai countered a crossface, and she superkicked Shirai. Kai could not capitalize, and Shirai struck with a butterfly backbreaker. Gonzalez again jumped in for a save. This time Gonzalez covered Kai, taking the proverbial bullet for her. Shirai with a moonsault press on Gonzalez & Kai. 

Blackheart with a senton bomb on Gonzalez. Stark with a modified GTS on Blackheart. Eclipse by Moon on Stark. Got To Kick from Kai to Moon. Kai countered Shirai for a roll up that netted a two count. Kai was then dropped by a plam strike, and Shirai executed a moonsault press. Gonzalez was not there to make a save this time. Shirai then covered Kai for the deciding pinfall.

To the back! Johnny Gargano attacked NXT Champion Karrion Kross, and there was a pull-apart brawl. Lots of screaming, as Kross was very upset by this sneak attack.

A video package retrospective looked back on the Breakout Tournament from 2019. In 2021, the Breakout Tournament returns in two weeks time on NXT.

NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed was backstage when McKenzie Mitchell asked him about the tournament. Reed was in the tourney in 2019. So was Isaiah "Swerve" Scott. He interrupted Reed, and Scott was flanked by Hit Row. Scott challenged Reed to a title match tonight. Reed accpeted the challenge, setting the stage for a North American title match.

NXT Champion brawls with The Way

NXT Champ Karrion Kross stormed to the ring, and he dared Johnny Gargano to face him. Gargano confronted Kross, setting up a grudge match. This was also a distraction by Gargano as Austin Theory ran in to attack Kross. Despite the sneak attack, Kross easily fought off Theory.

Kross then went after Gargano, and Kross attempted to bash Gargano with the ring steps. Officials poured out for a pull-apart. They pried Kross away from Gargano. As security held back Kross, Gargano with a cheap shot superkicked Kross. Even the security team took a bump on that one. Superkick, indeed. 

Gargano and Theory feld the scene. Kross told Samoa Joe he was doing a helluva job. Not sure who are the protagonists here, but it was pandemonium nonetheless. During a commercial break, Gargano and Theory did the Earl Hebner gimmick of speeding away from the building in a waiting vechile. 

Roderick Strong (with The Diamond Mine) defeated Asher Hale

Strong submitted Hale in a short match. First match for the Diamond Mine on NXT stable since they debuted together last week. In winning Strong looked... well, very strong.

In Strong's corner were Malcom Bivens, Tyler Rust and Hideki Suzuki. This was a showcase match for Strong, who has slightly changed his look. He is still great in the ring. Also great to finally see Bivens in a featured role. He was very vocal at ringside.

Bivens in a promo after the match declared that Diamond Mine is "open for business, and this is just the beginning, baby!"

Up next was another enhancement match like this was an episode of Superstars from the 1990s. 

Cameron Grimes defeated Ari Sterling

Grimes pinned Sterling after a Cave In. Fun match while it lasted.

Sterling got to shine getting some offense on Grimes, including a wicked springboard moonsault where he jumped from inside the ring over the ropes. Grimes fought back, but Sterling continued to look strong. Sterling missed a 450 splash, and Grimes struck with a Cave In. Grimes then covered Sterling for a pinfall.

New Million Dollar Champion LA Knight interrupted Grimes' celebration. Knight said nobody gave a damn about Grimes. Then why is Knight trolling him if nobody gives a damn? Anyway, Knight went on to call Grimes a "natural born loser." 

Grimes proceeded to cut a promo on Knight, and Grimes challenged Knight to a match next week for the Million Dollar title. Knight at first declined the offer, until Knight added another stipulation. Knight would put the belt on the line, but if Grimes loses, then Grimes has to become Knight's butler. Looks like the match is on for The Great American Bash.

The NXT Women's Tag Team Champions -- Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell -- confronted their challengers. Io Shirai & Zoey Stark were being intervied backstage when they were interrupted by LeRae & Hartwell. LeRae warned Stark that Shirai is a sore loser, teasing Shirai would turn on Stark when they lost. Shirai shot back at LeRae to say LeRae had naver beaten her, and Shirai vowed her and Stark would win the titles. "We'll see about that," LeRae exclaimed, and she stormed off with Hartwell in tow.

Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole face-to-face

Cool Kyle comes to the ring for a monologue. He was actually cutting a really great promo, but this is WWE so somebody seemingly always has to interrupt promos like this. Out comes Adam Cole. They are joined by Samoa Joe.

Cole and O'Reilly cutting promos on each other seemed like old hat at first, but business picked up when Cole insulted O'Reilly wife. O'Reilly was overcome with rage at Cole mentioning his wife. They were about to brawl when Joe stepped in between them. Joe said not now, but Cole would not listen.

Cole charged at O'Reilly, and they go to the mat. O'Reilly catches Cole in heel hook, and Cole screamed in pain. Cole begged Joe to stop O'Reilly. Much like Cole ignored Joe, then Joe in turn ignored Cole's pleas. Joe left the ring with Cole still pleading for mercy as O'Reilly cranked on the hold. Finally, Joe ordered the security team to break up the fight. 

Tian Sha vignetted highlighted the faction before their upcoming mixed tag match tonight.

Hit Row bumped up Swerve ahead of his title challeneg later on.

The charging battery is now above 70%. 

Xia Li & Boa defeated Mercedes Martinez & Jake Atlas in a mixed tag team match

Li & Boa won after a referee stoppage. Martinez was rocked by a kick, and the match ended soon thereafter. The ref stopped the bout, ruling Li & Boa as the winners. 

The match started with a wild brawl. Of course, the men and women only faced off against each other as per usual in a WWE mixed tag. Mei Ying watched from her throne at the top the stage. Martinez yelled at her before a commercial break.

Li hit Martinez with a roundhouse kick at one point. Martinez went down like she was knocked silly, and Li went for a cover. Martinez got her shoulder up, but she looked out of it. The referee backed Li away, and Martinez rolled out of the ring. Off camera, the ref checked on Martinez, and then the ref stopped the match.

MSK face off with Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa 

Everyone brought a steel folding chair to the ring, and they had a literal sit down. There was tension, but things seems rather cordial at first. They soon grew angry with each other. Honestly, I had trouble with my television feed during this segment. When things cleared up, the two teams were no longer seated. They were in each other's faces. 

MSK wanted the challengers to put some respect on their name. Lee was cut a great promo, and Carter then slapped Thatcher. "Toothless Timmy", as Ciampa called him, was incensed by the slap. Thatcher lunnged at Carter, but Ciampa held Thatcher back. Ciampa told MSK to bring their pride and their titles next week at GAB. Ciampa vowed he and Thatcher will take both. This week MSK got a free shot on Thatcher, but Ciampa said next week they would not be so lucky.

General Manager William Regal was being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell when Regal was approached by Sarray. She wanted a match against Toni Storm, and Regal basically said he would consider it.

Johnny Gargano did not leave the property despite speeding off in a SUV earlier in the show. Gargano instead stayed around to attack Karrion Kross in the parking lot. Kross was leaving in his car when Gargano attacked him, seemingly leaving Kross laid out on the ground. Gargano was gloating when Kross caught him in a Kross Jacket sleeper, and Gargano was choked out by Kross. Samoa Joe would later step in to pick up Gargano like a child in trouble as recess. Joe remarked to Gargano that he possibly pushed Kross to far.

Great American Bash lineup for next Tuesday on NXT:

  • NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell defend against Io Shirai & Zoey Stark
  • LA Knight defends the Million Dollar Championship against Cameron Grimes (if Grimes loses, then he becomes Knight's butler)
  • NXT Tag Team Champions MSK defend against Tommoso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher
  • Cole-O'Reilly II

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott (with Hit Row) defeated NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed to win the title

Scott pinned Reed to win the title after interference by Hit Row. Really good match, even despite the distraction at the end. The finish was very WWE, but it allowed Reed to save face. Scott becoming a champ is also really great for nis new faction. They continue to get over.

Reed displayed his power at the outset, and Reed manhandled Scott. There was a spot before the commercial break that must be seen to be truly appreciated. Scott went for a sunset flip off the ring apron. Reed countered by squishing Scott with a sit-out splash on the apron.

The tide turned during the commercial break. Scott gained the upper hand, and Scott leapt off the apron with a missile dropkick on the floor. Scott with a near fall after using the ropes for an assisted German suplex.

Scott caught Reed with a flatliner for another close near fall. Reed countered Scott's signature kick, and they trade strikes. Scott rolled through seemingly going for another flatliner, but Reed with a counter to deliver a Spicolli Driver. That led into a double down.

Reed with a Dusty Rhodes tribute by using a bionic elbow. Scott is mowed over with a belly splash. Reed signals for his tsunami finisher as he climbed the turnbuckles. Top Dolla caused a distraction at ringside, diverting the referee's attention. Ashante “Thee” Adonis then interfered by pulling Reed off the turnbuckles. Reed retaliated by throwing Top Dolla through the plexiglass barricade. Adonis is also tossed over the barricade as well.

Scott catches Reed trying to get back into the ring, and Scott nailed him with a kick. Scott followed up with a 450 splash, and Scott hooked a leg while covering Reed for a pinfall. Scott becomes the new NXT North American Champion.