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WWE NXT live results: Regal addresses Cole and O'Reilly

On tonight's NXT, Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly will face the consequences for their recent actions.

Undisputed Era imploded when Cole turned against O'Reilly at TakeOver: Vengeance Day last month. They've since attacked each other and have gotten into multiple altercations. Last week, there was an angle where police got involved when O'Reilly tried to run Cole off the road. WWE also posted video yesterday of Cole and O'Reilly brawling after Cole confronted O'Reilly at a jiu-jitsu training session.

NXT general manager William Regal has demanded that Cole and O'Reilly appear tonight. They'll face the consequences for their actions and Regal will attempt to find a solution for their issues.

Regal will also address the situation with the NXT Tag Team titles tonight. The titles have been declared vacant after Danny Burch suffered a separated shoulder in last week's main event. Burch & Oney Lorcan retained their titles against NXT Champion Finn Balor & Karrion Kross after Kross attacked Balor during the match. Balor is defending his NXT Championship against Kross at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night two on Thursday, April 8.

Kross and Lorcan will face off on tonight's show.

Five other matches have also been announced for tonight. They are: Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon vs. Aliyah & Mercedes Martinez for the NXT Women's Tag Team titles, NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai & Zoey Stark vs. Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai, NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin vs. Kushida in a non-title match, NXT United Kingdom Champion WALTER vs. Drake Maverick in a non-title match, and Bronson Reed vs. LA Knight.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show is opening with a women's tag team match.

Announced as the main event for night one of TakeOver: Stand and Deliver is Io Shirai defending her NXT Women's Championship against challenger Raquel Gonzalez.

Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez defeated Zoey Stark & NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai

Gonzalez pinned Stark in a good tag match. The focus was on getting heat on Gonzalez ahead of her challenging Shirai for the title.

Stark started the match against Gonzalez, and Stark began an flurry of offense. Gonzalez cut her off with a lariat. Kai tagged in, and Stark fired up of her. Shirai runs through some sequences with Kai. Shirai with several two counts on Kai. Stark back to also get a two count on Kai.

Gonzalez with a fireman's carry slam on Stark dropped her into a falling kick from Kai. The show went to a picture-in-picture commercial break. Lots of action during the break as Stark fought back. The heels still began to work her over.

Hot tag to Shirai as the show returned from the commercial break. Gonzalez and Shirai were in the ring together for the first time in the match. Shirai was running wild, and she hit Gonzalez with a Tiger Feint Kick. Shirai followed with a missile dropkick, and Stark flew off the top rope with another. Stark also with a plancho to the outside. Stark cleaned house on the floor, and Shirai leapt off the top rope into a moonsault on the floor.

Stark went on to miss a 450 splash, and Gonzalez cut her off. Gonzalez lifted Stark into the air and held her, and then Gonzalez booted Shirai off the apron. Gonzalez powerbombed Stark, and then she pinned her. 

Gonzalez and Kai attacked Shirai after the match. Gonzalez chokeslammed Shirai on the announce desk. Shirai landed hard, and she sold big. 

Strong says O'Reilly and Cole can "go to hell"

Footage aired of Adam Cole invading the gym where Kyle O'Reilly trains in BJJ. Cole and O'Reilly brawled before Cole was kicked out of the place.

O'Reilly in an interview with McKenzie Mitchell was interrupted by Roderick Strong. He told O'Reilly that "we" need to kick Cole's ass. O'Reilly said he appreciated that, but there is no "us" anymore. This is between Cole and O'Reilly. Strong responded by saying they both could "go to hell."

LA Knight cut a promo on Bronson Reed before the next match. Knight was Reed went through his locker. 

Jordan Devlin, with a NXT Cruiserweight Championship belt draped over his shoulder, cut a promo on Kushida ahead of their match later on tonight.

Bronson Reed defeated LA Knight

Reed pinned Knight clean. In the immortal words of Vinny V, "It was a match."

Knight got into Reed's face at the start of the match. Knight then began to repeatedly poke Reed in the forehead. Of course, Reed did not appreciate that very much, so Reed began to pummel Knight.

Reed was in complete control until Knight turned the tide. Knight paused to talk trash as the show cut to a commercial break. Knight was working over Reed as the show returned from the break. 

Reed was hulking up into a comeback when Knight caught him with a neckbreaker. Knight ran into a back elbow, and Reed started a comeback. Reed mowed down Knight, and Knight was planted by a chokeslam. Reed was tripped up and crotched when he tried climbing the turnbuckles. Reed still managed to shove Knight off the top, and Reed followed with a tsunami splash. Reed then pinned Knight clean as a sheet.

A video package sponsored by a cellphone company hyped NXT UK Champion WALTER. Also, he is in action tonight! Horray!

Karrion Kross (with Scarlett) vs. Oney Lorcan

Kross looked strong as he pinned Lorcan.

Lorcan was fighting mad, and he showed a lot of fire. However, Kross is a killer. He threw Lorcan out to the floor, and Kross stalked him. Lorcan fought back, and he fired up on Kross. Not for long, as Kross cut him off with a lariat from hell.

The match went through a commercial break, and Kross ended it soon thereafter. Lorcan got one more rally. Kross posted himself into a ring post, and Lorcan targeted the arm. Lorcan with a series of chops and a flurry of uppercuts. Kross soon booted him in the face to end the rally.

Kross with a running uppercut from behind, and he covered Lorcan for a pinfall.

Kross after the match cut a promo on NXT Champion Finn Balor. That broght out Balor to respond. Balor confronted Kross in the ring. Great stuff here in building to TakeOver. The segment ended with staredown in the ring.

Gauntlet eliminator announcement

William Regal announced a battle royal for next week on NXT, which will determine who challenges NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano. The last six wrestlers in a 12-man battle royal will meet the following week in a six-man gauntlet eliminator. The order in which the last six in the battle royal are thrown out determines their order in the gaunlet. The winner of the gauntlet eliminator faces Gargano on night two of TakeOver: Stand and Deliver.

Kushida in Japanese cut a promo on Jordan Devlin ahead of their match later on.

NXT UK Champion WALTER (with Imperium) vs. Drake Maverick in a non-title match

WALTER quickly squashed Maverick, and he won via referee stoppage. Maverick charged in, and WALTER easily struck him down. WALTER powerbombed Maverick, and WALTER then sat back on a half crab. The ref stepped in to stop the match.

Tommaso Ciampa confronted WALTER after the match. Ciampa challenged WALTER to a title match at TakeOver. WALTER shook his head and went to leave. Ciampa went to attack him, but Imperium ganged up on Ciampa. Imperium held Ciampa for an Andre/Hogan moment where WALTER ripped off Ciampa's necklace. Ciampa was then beaten down and WALTER accepted the challenge for a title match at TakeOver.

Pete Dunne cut a promo about the battle royal next week. He vowed to win and go on to capture the North Amerian title.

Robert Stone in a pre-skit skit bribed Mercedes Martinez to be Aliyah tag team partner for a title match tonight.

A video package advertising a cellphone company featured highlights of Shotzi Blackheart.

NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano confronted Willian Regal backstage about the earlier announcement. Gargano was very upset. Regal couldn't believe Gargano wore the title belt everywhere. This was funny.

NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart defeated Mercedes Martinez & Aliyah to retain their titles

Moon pinned Aliyah after an Eclipse. Heat on Blackheart. Hot tag to Moon for the finish. The champs looked strong.

Cameron Grimes pulled up a chair next to Roderick Strong in the locker room. Grimes tried to empathize with Strong, and Grimes said he was taking it just as bad as Strong. Grimes said Undisputed Era does not have to end like this. Grimes offered to buy the intellectual property. Strong punched him the face. Grimes sold big and hollered at Strong that was not how to handle business.

Moon & Blackheart were challenged to a title match by Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell.

Jordan Devlin defeated Kushida

Devlin pinned Kushida after interference by Legado del Fantasma. Good match with an even better angle afterwards.

Grappling and sequences built to Devlin doing an Asai moonsault to the floor. The show cut a picture-in-picture commercial break. The continued to fight through the break. Kusida eventually made a comeback with a flurry of offense.

Devlin a few times blocked Kushida from applying his signature armbar. Devlin caught Kushida with a slingshot cutter for a near fall. Santos Escobar and Legado del Fantasma walked on stage to distract Devlin. Kushdia with a superplex on Devlin, and Kushida floated over for another suplex. Kushida then transitioned into a cross armbreaker. Devlin got his foot on the rope to break the hold, but Rauk Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde pulled Devlin out of the ring.

Kushida knocked Wilde and Mendoza off the apron with a handspring kick. Kushida now had his back to Devlin, who used an O'Connor roll set up pinning Kushida with a bridging cradle.

An upset Kushida after the match wiped out Wilde and Mendoza with a flip dive out of the ring. Kushida did another running flip dive off the stage onto Mendoza and Wilde. Meanwhile, the two Cruiserweight champions confronted each other in the ring.

HBK sets up a ladder match

Escobar and Devlin met face-to-face with each holding their version of the Cruiserweight title belt. Suddenly, Shawn Michael's theme song blared over the speakers, and out comes HBK. 

Michaels pulled a ladder from underneath the ring, and he slid the ladder into the ring between Devlin and Escobar. They each held up their title as they faced off. Looks like the Cruiserweight title bout at TakeOver is now a ladder match.

O'Reilly vs. Cole set for TakeOver

Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole were seated across from each other at a table. They were glaring holes through each other as William Regal began to rant at them. Regal said the situation between O'Reilly and Cole was gotten out of hand. Regal screamed that they "got the bloody police involved!" Regal said he would not let them embarass the company so many people worked hard to create.

Regal revealed he had a contract for the co-main event on the second night of TakeOver. Regal said if they signed the contract then NXT is not responsible for what happens in the match. So I guess its unsanctioned, or lights out, or something like that. 

Cole talked about having a revelation. Cole said Undisputed Era was holding him back. He went on to say O'Reilly made him realize that. Cole said he bought into "B.S" about Undisputed Era being a brotherhood. Cole was also angry O'Reilly wanted Balor to joing UE. Cole called O'Reilly a "lap dog" as he proceeded to bury O'Reilly with his words.

Cole said O'Reilly should thank him. Cole put himself over as the driving force behind UE. Cole signed the contract, and slid it to O'Reilly. 

O'Reilly talked about UE showing up in NXT to make a statement. He likened them to pit bulls. O'Reilly said he grew up and developed accountability. You look a man in the eye when you kick his teeth in. No more sneak attacks. No more B.S.

O'Reilly said since they came to NXT they became better wrestlers, better champions, and better superstars. However, only one of them became a better person. O'Reilly said Cole is the same "asshole" that walked in to NXT three-and-a-half years ago.

O'Reilly sold his soul for Undisputed Era, and O'Reilly wants his soul back. According to O'Reilly, Cole sold out his friends. O'Reilly said he is going to beat Cole, and then finally be able to sleep at night. O'Reilly finished signing the contract, and he threw the pen at Cole. They both lunged at each other, but they were held back. Tremendous closing angle.