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WWE NXT live results: TakeOver Stand & Deliver go-home show

The final episode of NXT before TakeOver: Stand & Deliver takes place tonight.

A 12-man battle royal with TakeOver implications is part of the lineup for tonight's show. Dexter Lumis, Roderick Strong, Bronson Reed, Kushida, Leon Ruff, Jake Atlas, Pete Dunne, LA Knight, Cameron Grimes, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, Austin Theory, and Tyler Rust are set for the battle royal. The final six wrestlers will advance to a Gauntlet Eliminator match at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night one. The winner of that match will challenge for Johnny Gargano's North American Championship at night two of TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.

Once tonight's battle royal gets down to its final six, the order of elimination will determine the order of entry for the Gauntlet Eliminator match.

Strong and Grimes will be pulling double-duty tonight and also facing each other in a singles match.

Ahead of challenging for Io Shirai's NXT Women's Championship in the main event of TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night one, Raquel Gonzalez will face Zoey Stark tonight.

Plus, Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter will take on Tian Sha, Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell will be in tag team action, and there will be a Prime Target special feature building up Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly's unsanctioned match for TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night two.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show is opening with a match set up in an angle on last week's episode. Cameron Grimes is trying to aquire the intellectual property rights to the Undisputed Era since the group has broken up. He approached Roderick Strong on the previous episode, and Strong punched Grimes in the face. Thus, they have a match tonight that opens the show.

Before the match, Grimes has another pitch for Strong. This time Grimes had a visual aids, which are always better when pitching an idea. Grimes said they were leaving a lot of money on the table, but Grimes told Strong that "we can keep it going." Grimes had a newly designed Undisputed Era t-shirt, with a slogan that read "GRIMES THE SYSTEM" on the front. Also included in the pitch was a theme song playing the "GRIMES THE SYSTEM" theme. 

Strong was not impressed, and he attacked Grimes. So, I guess that is a hard "no" on Grimes' pitch. The match was on when they got into the ring.

Cameron Grimes defeated Roderick Strong

Grimes pinned Strong after Strong was distracted by a prop. The match was way better than it reads with that seemingly lame finish. Great opener. Finish maybe not so great, but it played into a larger story with Strong.

Strong was basically kicking butt for much of the early portion, except when Grimes used dirty tactics to cut him off. Distracted by an Undisputed Era t-shirt in the crowd, Strong was sent crashing into a lighting grid. The show cut to picture-in-picture with Strong down selling his back. Strong kept fighting back, and they fought through the commercial break.

Grimes with heat on Strong, but Strong rallied for a near fall. They built to a superplex, and Grimes again kicked out at two. Grimes cut off Strong with a Spanish Fly crossbody, and Grimes went digging into his trunks. He retrieved a foreign object and tried to hit Strong with it, but Strong ducked the punch. Grimes dropped the object, and Strong picked it up. It was an Undisputed Era arm band.

Strong held the band in his hands, and he stood there in apparent shock at what he held. Grimes delivered a Cave In, and Grimes covered Strong for a pinfall.  

A Karrion Kross vignette was much different than what we usually see from him and Scarlett. This was training montage where Kross said he is going back to his martial art roots. Kross is training to challenge Finn Balor for the NXT Championship on the second night of TakeOver.

WWE Superstars urged viewers to get vaccinated in a PSA that aired during a commercial break.

WALTER defending the NXT UK title against challenger Tommaso Ciampa was the focus of a video package. That bout takes place next Wednesday night on night one of TakeOver.

NXT moving to Tuesday nights on April 13th was announced on the air. Also plugged was Peacock. By the way, TakeOver next Wednesday will air live on USA Network, and it will also stream live on Peacock.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar cut a promo making an open challenge. Escobar claimed to be the greatest cruiserweight ever, and he cut a promo on Jordan Devlin (who he faces at TakeOver in a title match). Tyler Breeze entered the soundstage to take Escobar up on the challenge.

NXT Crusierweight Champion Santos Escobar (with Legado del Fantasma) defeated Tyler Breeze in a non-title match

Escobar pinned Breeze in a tune-up match ahead of TakeOver. 

Escobar was in control until Breeze cut him off just before the show cut to a commercial break. Escobar was somehow back in control when the show returned from the break. The announcers basically said Esobar has been working over a knee.

Breeze eventually made a comeback, and he locked in a Sharpshooter. Escobar got a rope break, and he came back to deliver the Phantom Driver. Escobar then covered Breeze for a clean pinfall.

Legado del Fantasma went to jump Breeze after the bell. MSK made a surprise return, and they ran to make a save. Grizzled Young Veterans popped on the video screen to cut a promo on both MSK and Legado del Fantasma. The three teams meet in a triple threat match for the vacant NXT Tag Team Championship next Wednesday on night one of TakeOver. Clever way to get the teams on the show to plug their match without having to create a whole new segment around them.

NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano was still angry about the gauntlet match for a shot at his title. He asked Austin Theory why he was in the match. Theory asked Gargano if he has ever heard of the Finger Poke of Doom. Gargano said that killed the business, but he still loved the idea.

A Pomeranian dog was seen walking up to the Performance Center. It looked a whole lot like Taya Valkyrie's dog Prince Presley. He even has his own Twitter account, which predates his NXT debut.

Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell defeated Gigi Dolin & Zayda Ramier

Hartwell pinned Ramier to win the match. LeRae delivered Wicked Stepsister, and followed with a springboard flying elbow drop for the finish. Dolin is the former Priscilla Kelly.

LeRae cut a promo after the match challenging the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions. So, Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart rode out in Blackheart's tank. They shot the heels with the tank cannon, and the title match is set for TakeOver. 

Raquel Gonzalez attacked NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai backstage. They are feuding and all, but the attack was rather random.

Prince Presley the Pomeranian walked through an open door at the PC that was marked "EMPLOYEES ONLY" on the door. He then ran into the CWC. Somebody might want to shut that open door. It could attract racoons or other varmints.

Roderick Strong left the building, and he was even booked in the main event battle royal. He said he was done "with it all."

Raquel Gonzalez (with Dakota Kai) defeated Zoey Stark

Gonzalez pinned Stark in a tune-up match ahead of TakeOver. She challenges Shirai in a title match that is the main event next Wednesday on TakeOver.

Gonzalez looked strong, but this was no squash. Stark was given plenty of offense. Kai tried to interfere, but Stark thwarted her. Stark was making a comeback when she executed a moonsault into a modified Blockbuster. Gonzalez cut her off to deliver her signature powerbomb, and then came a 1-2-3.

Shirai ran down after the match to attack Gonzalez, but Shirai was sent crashing into the barricade.

Prince Presley the Pomeranian was seen running around the PC having what appeared to be a great time.

Kushida was being interviewd backstage when Pete Dunne approached him. Dunne was mad that Kushida claimed to be the best technical wrestler. They glared at each other. Both are in the battle royal later on tonight.

A "Prime Target" mini-documentary hyped the unsanctioned grudge match between Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole. Great stuff here. 

NXT's move to Tuesday was mentioned again. The announcers said they were excited. Me too. I can soon watch AEW live on Wednedays, so I'm really happy about that. Don't tell NXT I said that. 

Tian Sha (Xia Li & Mei Ying) defeated Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro 

Li pinned Catanzaro to win the match. This was kind of weird. Not weird like The Fiend, but still weird. It was spooky too. Not Fiend spooky, but spooky nonetheless. 

Li started the match alone as if it was a handicap match. Carter later went to confront Ying, who was sitting in her thrown on the stage. Ying choked out Carter. Meanwhile, Li delivered a kick to Catanzaro, and Li covered her for a pin.

Raquel Gonzalez was being interviewed backstage when she was attacked by Io Shirai. Gonzalez lifted her into a tree slam, and then Gonzalez slammed Shirai through a wall. Actaully, it appeared to be a window gimmicked with drywall, but the visual effect was similar to being thrown through a wall. Shirai sold big.

Presley the Pomeranian was seen running up someone wearing heels. "See you April 13th" read a message on the screen. The message was signed by a "Franky," and WWE reportedly trademarked the name "Franky Monet" recently. That could possibly be Taya's new WWE name.

Tommaso Ciampa cut a fire promo ahead of him challenging WALTER at TakeOver. Hot take: Ciampa is a great talker.

USA Network is using night one of TakeOver as a lead-in for the Queen of the South season finale.

LA Knight wins the Gauntlet Eliminator Qualifying Battle Royal

Qualified for the gauntlet match are LA Knight, Dexter Lumis, Cameron Grimes, Bronson Reed, Isaiah Scott, and Leon Ruff.

Leon Ruff and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott were headed to the ring first. They have been feuding, so Ruff attacked Scott before the bell. Scott was clotheslined out of the ring, and he was reeling as the show cut to a commercial break. Everybody else was in the ring when the show returned from the break, except for Pete Dunne. He got an entrance.

The battle royal soon began, and it was practically every battle royal you have ever seen. Lots of brawling and hanging on the ropes. Jake Atlas was the first eliminated, thanks in part to Malcolm Bivens at ringside. He grabbed Atlas' foot, and Swerve Scott kicked Atlas off the apron to eliminate him. Biven's charge, Tyler Rust, was next eliminated when Scott backdropped him over the ropes. 

Theory was knocked out of the ring by Bronson Reed, but Theory landed on his back. His feet never touched the floor, so he was not yet eliminated. He scooted around ringside with his feet in the air like a turtle on his back. He did a kip up. Therefore, his feet touched the floor. Referee Aja Smith ruled he was eliminated from the match. Theory is supposed to be a dumb heel, but that was a little too dumb.

Also dumb was the story with Dexter Lumis in this match. He stood like a statue in a corner for much of the match. No one would attack him. Most everyone just avoided that corner.

Kushida and Dunne faced off after their confrontation earlier on the show. The story is they were apparently trying to decide which is the best technical wrestler. They did this by exchanging strikes, which is odd way to determine the best techincal wrestler. Kushida and Dunne then started going for submission holds. Kushida was countering a triangle by applying a Hoverboard Lock. They countered their way over the ropes, and both tumbled to the floor in a heap. Both were eliminated, but Kushida was still trying to apply his submission hold. Referees had to pull Kushida off Dunne. 

The show cut to a picture-in-picture commercial break, and the battle royal continued in the ring. The final six were Lumis, Reed, Ruff, Scott, Grimes and Knight. Those six are in the gaunlet match next week. Also annonced for next Wednesday on TakeOver is singles match with Kushida vs. Dunne. Regal booked the match during the commecial break.

NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano joined the annonce desk for guest commentary. Reed eliminated Ruff and Scott, which means those two start the gaunlet match next week.

Reed was eliminated by Knight, so Reed is third entrant in the gauntlet match. The final three in the battle royal were Grimes, Lumis and Knight. By this point Lumis was finally getting involved in the match. Better late than never. 

Grimes tried to bribe Knight and Lumis with lots of cash money. They threw Grimes out of the ring instead. That was dumb from a financial perspective. Take the money. You would still have a great spot in the gauntlet match, but whatever. Grimes is the fourth entrant for the gauntlet match.

For the finsh, Knight was charging towards Lumis. Knight went out of the ring, but he went sailing between the top and middle rope. Since he never went over the top, Knigth was not yet eliminated. Lumis was standing and the apron, and Knight pulled him off the apron to eliminate him. Not only does that make Knight the winner of the battle royal, he is also the sixth and final entrant for the gauntlet match. Lumis is now the fifth entrant in the gauntlet. 

Shirai-Gonzalez brawl closes the show

Io Shirai ran into the ring as the show was wrapping up. Shirai cut a promo in Japanese, and Raquel Gonzalez came down to the ring to confront Shirai. Referees poured out for a pull-apart. Shirai booted Gonzalez off the apron, and then Shirai jumped off the top rope with a flying crossbody to the floor. The show closed with Shirai standing tall, finally getting the better of Gonzalez.