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WWE NXT live results: TakeOver In Your House go-home show

Tonight's NXT is the final stop before TakeOver: In Your House.

Sunday's TakeOver event will be headlined by Karrion Kross defending his NXT Championship against Kyle O'Reilly, Pete Dunne, Johnny Gargano, and Adam Cole in a fatal five-way match. Tonight, Kross and his challengers will take part in a face-off segment.

Ember Moon is challenging for Raquel Gonzalez's NXT Women's Championship at TakeOver. As part of the final build to that match, Moon will face Gonzalez's tag team partner Dakota Kai tonight.

Ted DiBiase is set to make what WWE is hyping up as a "Priceless Announcement" on tonight's show. The announcement will relate to Cameron Grimes and LA Knight's match at TakeOver. Grimes and Knight are each vying for DiBiase to choose them to be the wrestler to carry on his Million Dollar legacy.

Also on tonight's NXT, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott will face Killian Dain, Oney Lorcan will take on Austin Theory, and music artist Poppy will make an appearance.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opened with a grudge match. Johnny Gargano & Pete Dunne got in a brawl earlier today, and their stablemates also got into it. Thus, the opening match tonight on NXT.

Oney Lorcan defeated Austin Theory

Lorcan pinned Theory after a uranage. Theory was distracted by Dunne & Gargano brawling at ringside. Good match with a finish that was very WWE.

Both had a lot of fire at the start. Not sure who the fans are supposed to cheer for, but shades of grey I guess. The match itself was action-packed with Theory doing some cool moves, and Lorcan being vicious in return. 

Hard chops during the match. When the fight spilled outside, they again traded chops. Lorcan tripped Thoery, and Theory bumped on the apron. Pete Dunne soon walked down to ringside as the show cut to a commercial break. Lorcan worked over Theory's back during the break, and Lorcan seemed still in control as the show returns. Theory suddenly popped up to deliver a blockbuster, which began to turn the tide.

Theory clothesloned Lorcan out of the ring. Lorcan in return threw Theory outside the ring a moment later. Theory fired up at ringside, and he explodes with offense. In the wildest move of the match, Theory springboarded into a Spanish Fly.

Johnny Gargano came to ringside, and he brawled with Dunne. Officials poured out to separate them. Theory was distracted by the melee, allowing Lorcan to smash Theory's head into the top turnbuckle. Lorcan then gave Theory a uranage slam, and Lorcan covered him for a pinfall.

A vignette featured LA Knight basically doing a spoof of MTV Cribs. For us older fans, this was similar to the Million Dollar Man segment on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Here in 2021, Knight was at a big house on the beach, and two women were hanging with him in a hot tub. They laughed at his jokes, even when he was far from funny. Knight cut promos on Ted DiBiase, and then Knight drove away in a sports car. 

Dok Hendrix (Michael Hayes) was back on WWE television to run down an In Your House card like it was 1995. Dok, here in 2021, looked like he borrowed a hat from Cameron Grimes. Running down the card for TakeOver: In Your House, Dok plugged the following matches (in order as he listed them):

  • NXT Women's Championship: Raquel Gonzalez vs. Ember Moon
  • Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight
  • Mercedes Martinex vs. Xia Li
  • Fatal Five Way for the NXT Championship: Karrion Kross (with Scarlett) vs. Adam Cole vs. Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Another match for TakeOver was set up in the next segment.

El Legado del Fantasma were in the ring for a promo. Santos Escobar was very angry with NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed, so Reed came out to interrupt him. Reed joked about squashing Escobar last week with a splash, and Reed had a replay shown on a video screen. Reed got in the ring to confront him, and NXT Tag Team Champions MSK ran down to back up Reed.

Escobar challenged Reed and MSK to a trios match where all the champions titles are on the line. Both the North American and the Tag Team titles are on the line in a "winner takes all" six-man tag match at TakeOver. Reed and MSK quickly agreed to the match, and then Reed threw to the clip of Escobar getting squashed by the splash. 

Hit Row entered the scene for a match. They walked past Legado del Fantasma, and the two factions glared at each other.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott (with Hit Row) defeated Killian Dain (with Drake Maverick)

Scott pinned Dain after Dain was distracted by Hit Row. Another good match with another lame distraction finish. Very on brand for WWE.

Dain was getting the better of Scott, until Scott powdered outside. Top Dolla caused a distraction, which allowed Scott to jump Dain with a sneak attack. Dain fought back to drop Scott with a lariat. Hit Row created another distraction. This time B-Fab distracted Dain, and Scott capitalized to work over Dain.

Dain hulked up to trade strikes with Scott. Dain began to manhandle him. Scott springboarded on the ropes, flipped upside down, and he landed on his feet. Dain then met Scott with a flying crossbody for a two count. 

Scott went on to counter Dain, and Scott delivered a flatliner and a jumping kick. Dain came back with power moves. Ashante "Thee" Adonis tried to interfere, but Maverick made a save to stop him. Top Dolla then grabbed Maverick, and Top Dolla dropped Maverick on the apron with a Death Valley Driver.

Dain was distracted by Maverick being attacked, and Scott struck after measuring Dain. Scott with a leaping kick, and then he covered Dain for a three count.

Poppy arrived at the building. Candice LeRae was not happy. She was vocalizing her anger over Poppy alongside her NXT Women's Tag Team Championship partner, Indi Hartwell. While LeRae was angry with a singer, Hartwell was sure Dexter Lumis was still in love with her. Hartwell ran off to find Lumis. 

Cameron Grimes in a vignette made his case for why he sould carry on the legacy of the Million Dollar Man. He was at a big house like Knight was earlier, but Grimes was way more entertaining during his MTV Cribs segment. He vowed to take the Million Dollar Man's legacy to... the... moon. 

Mercedes Martinez won a squash match

Xia Li attacked Martinez before the match. Li and Martinez brawled at ringside until they were separated by officials. Martinez rolled into the ring to face an unnamed opponent. She charged towards Martinex, and she ran into an knee strike by Martinez. Followed by an Air Raid Crash, Martinex scored a pinfall.

Breezango cut a promo on Imperium. Looks like a tag team in the making soon enough.

Triple H and William Regal were backstage with Poppy. The two executives were gushing over Poppy and her music. Triple H asked when Poppy's album drops? Poppy said "right now" before she pulled out her cellphone. Poppy tapped a button, and the album was dropped on the WWE Universe. Triple H was amazed at technology. Then things got weird.

Dexter Lumis approached Poppy with a picture he had drawn of her. Poppy was so happy with the picture she gave Lumis a hug. Indi Hartwell walked just in time to see Lumis and Poppy embracing with a hug. Hartwell was very upset by this, and she ran away in tears.

"Priceless Announcement" by The Million Dollar Man

Camreon Grimes and LA Knight arrived the building for their segment with Ted DiBiase. They did a lot of comedy, with each trying to upstage the other. They entered the CWC to join DiBiase in the ring.

DiBiase said this Sunday was an ultimate test, and it was time for them to "climb the ladder of success." DiBiase laughed his evil laugh as a ladder painted gold was lowered into the ring from the ceiling. DiBiase indictaed there would indeed be a ladder match. 

Knight cut a promo running down Grimes, and Grimes responded with a promo of his own. Grimes grew more animated before he ripped off his sports jacket, and he took off his fancy watch. Grimes climbed the ladder, and he vowed to go TO THE MOON!

Grimes asked what he was reaching for, and a briefcase was brought into the ring by guards. Inside the case was the Millon Dollar Championship belt. So, Grimes vs. Knight is now a ladder match for the Million Dollar Championship.

Ever-Rise annnouced they are hosting the pre-pre-show, whatever that is.

Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) defeated August Grey and Ikemen Jiro

Gibson pinned Grey to win the bout. This was basically an enchancement match. Jiro wrestled in a sports coat, which you don't see every day. Gibson tried to rip off the jacket, and Jiro fired up. Not for long, as Grizzled Young Veterans went to work targeting a Jiro's leg.

Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher came down to ringside with folding chairs. They sat down to watch the match. Grey was able to catch the Vets slipping while they were distracted by the guests at ringside. 

Grey was soon cut off, and he was given a Ticket to Mayhem. Gibson then covered Grey for a pinfall.

Grizzled Young Veterans exchanged words with Ciampa & Thatcher. This sets up a Texas Tornado match for next Tuesday on NXT. 

Bobby Fish has his sights set on Oney Lorcan.

Io Shirai returns

Candice LeRae storms into the ring still upset by Poppy being there tonight. LeRae cut a promo on Poppy. Notably, LeRae in her speech acknowledged Hartwell and Lumis as a couple, referring to them was "In-Dex" in doing so. Putting heat on Poppy, LeRae blamed her for Hartwell leaving the building tonight. 

Poppy entered the CWC, and she got a full entrance like she was wrestling superstar. Poppy said she doesn't wrestle, but she knows someone who does. Cue the theme music of Io Shirai, and she returns to NXT!

Shirai rushed into the ring, and she attacked LeRae. After a Tiger Feint Kick, Shirai delivered a missile dropkick that sent LeRae rolling out of the ring. Shirai stood tall alongside Poppy as LeRae backpedaled out of the arena.

Dok Hendrix is back with a "Slam Jam Update" talking abou the new matches announceded for TakeOver on Sunday. Dok ran down the full card. 

Ember Moon defeated Dakota Kai (with NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez) via disqualification

Gonzalez interfered for the DQ. Good match, but very lame finish. 

Evenly matched at the start until Kai gained an advantage with an underhanded tactic. Kai twice with a face wash, and Moon was in peril. Moon soon hulked up, and Moon proceeded to clean house on Kai ahead of a near fall.

Kai cut off Moon, and Moon was rammed into the ring post before a commercial break. Moon sold throughout the commercials, but Moon was making a comeback when the show returned from the break. Moon was running wild on Kai, but Kai fought back with kicks.

Moon with a wickedly cool version of a modified stunner. Kai countered with a Bladerunner for a two count. Kai with a Kawada kicks and a face wash for another near fall. Moon countered Kai to deliver a powerbomb for count of two and a half.

Gonzalez at ringside tried to attack Moon, but Moon rocked the champ with a punch. Moon with a tope suicida won both Gonzalez and Kai. Moon followed up by climbing the turnbuckles, seemingly going for her finisher. Gonzalez jumped into the ring, and she booted Moon off the ropes. The referee called for a DQ as Gonzalez checked on Kai.

Once again Gonzalez saved Kai from near defeat, which continues a developing backstory for down the road.

Fatal Five Face-Off Go-Home 

NXT Champion Karrion Kross & Scarlett cut a promo ahead of the closing segment. After a commercial break, the champion is in the ring with William Regal for a face-off segment. 

Regal was trying to lay the law down with Kross, but Kross was having none of it. Kross said NXT has been out of control for a long time. Kross said he was not leaving until "the four of them" (meaning his challengers at TakeOver) come down to "get their asses kicked." 

Kyle O'Reilly was the first to answer the call. O'Reilly cut a promo that concluded with him saying, “It’s a matter of time before a guy like me walks down here and takes that title from you."

Johnny Gagrano appeared at ringside sarcastically saying those were some "sick burns" by O'Reilly. Gargano made fun of O'Reilly blue jean jacket. Gargano stood on the announce table to cut a promo on Kross. Somewhere in this all, Kross called Gargano a "mark." 

Out next is Pete Dunne to interrupt. Dunne said he was sick of all the talking, and he was tired of waiting around. Adam Cole appeared on the video scree, and he called the rest of them "chumps." Cole cut another harsh promo on Kross for the second week in a row.

O'Reilly called Cole a "bitch" for not being there in person. O'Reilly said that was not himself. Kross asked O'Reilly who he is, and O'Reilly responded by slapping Kross in the face. A brawl erupted as the always inept security detail tried to break up the fight. 

Kross suplexed everybody like he was Taz in 1996. Security grabbed Kross and held him, which allowed Gargano to superkick him. Dunne also attacked Kross. O'Reilly jumped into the melee, and he stood tall for a few seconds. Kross mowed down O'Reilly with an forearm strike from behind.

Standing tall with the title belt held overhead, Kross was celebrating when he was blindsides by Adam Cole. He was in the building after all. Cole superkicked Kross, and then Cole delivered a Last Shot on the champ. 

Cole picked up the NXT title belt, and Cole held the belt over his head. Cole once again stands tall, but who will leave TakeOver as the champion?